Loooonnnngggg day

Today has been a very long day. Firstly I had a lousy nights sleep, then the fitters turned up at 9:30am to finish the doors off, all this to contend with with only 3 hours sleep. At the end of the day they forgot all about my door knocker (this was supposed to have been sorted out 2 weeks ago) and still didn’t adjust the stable door correctly. After traipsing all the way to the main showroom to complain, they said they would send someone straight down to fit the door knocker and adjust the stable door, alas I am still waiting, but fear that it will now be Monday before our long awaited door knocker arrives.

Had some fun knitting some of the squares for the “The Art of Knitting” partwork series, I have nearly completed the 39th square and now have enough to sew them together once I have steamed them (something I hate doing). I know they are only made out of acrylic and are really basic squares but it has been fun as it is just mindless knitting.

Off to get custom fitted for my new golf clubs tomorrow, so will let you know how that goes.

A big thank you to my first blog comment from Pauline {{{{HUGS}}}}. Perhaps I will get my fame at last.


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