Custom Fitting Golf Clubs

Went and got custom fitted for my new Snake Eyes Viper Golf Clubs in my favourite colour (PINK) today, it was good fun. Had loads of laughs to begin with as I am no good at the best of times playing in front of someone let alone a stranger, so the first few hits with my driver were disastrous, but things improved with the irons. My speed a whipping 42mph (really impressive, just glad no one else had their swing speeds tested to burst my little bubble LOL). Then tried out the new clubs which hadn’t really been altered for my mere 4′ 9″ frame and I hit brilliantly, an even more impressive 45mph YIPPEE, faster than you can drive in a built up area.

Things did go downhill slightly when I had to scrape along a piece of slate laid on the concrete, no matter how hard I tried I could not do it, I was just too scared of hitting the concrete and damaging the new club, so we tried on the rubber mat, but nope still couldn’t do it, so we decided to put one of the rubber tees on it and I would aim for that in the hope that I would scrape the slate and would leave a mark on the underside of my club to show where I am hitting. Now is for the disastrous part, I hit the slate alright, but it didn’t scrape, I literally hit it in the air along with the tee, the result was a chip in the new club.

I hear you all gasp, I dare say may have heard my gasp as well at the time. I was so embarassed, the lad was really nice about it and told me not to worry, he had purposefully made a couple of dummy clubs for me to try out and they would never get sold anyway and would only be used as samples. Even so I still feel dreadfully embarassed.

My hubby and I were so impressed with his driving range set up we came home and immediately surfed the internet for a suitable golf net and golf mat and I am pleased to announcee they should be with us in the week, so no more driving for 1/2 an hour to the nearest driving range (maybe it will help improve my dad’s game as well LOL).

It has been a really tiring day, we stopped at my dad’s on the way home to show him the two new dummy clubs which I am getting and he showed me the pics he had taken on my camera for some building work which has to be done (he is a builder), I thought something wasn’t right when I switched on the camera and went to view the first picture and it said “play or pause”, he had only gone and videoed instead of taking pics, so he is off tomorrow to re-take the pics ready for me to print for him. At least I am not the only plonker in my family.

The pic below is one of my beloved Snake Eyes Viper Iron.

Off to watch the latest Pirates of the Caribbean DVD now as I will need to wrap it soon for my dad’s xmas present (I know I shouldn’t really watch it before him, but he will only go and tell me exactly what happens and spoil it for me plus he won’t mind). I will let you know what I think of it tomorrow.

Snake Eyes Viper Iron


3 thoughts on “Custom Fitting Golf Clubs

  1. wow! a pink golf club! thats cool!
    i’ve never tried playing. to be honest never really wanted to until…i started my current job.
    Golf, golf and more golf! lol
    i edit impact photos from golf courses in Florida!!


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