One Terrible Day Among Many This Year

Today has been a terrible day and just as I thought I was getting on top of my depression, it seems not. Just as I started to build my self-confidence and thinking perhaps my glass IS half full and NOT half empty (thanks Effie) it appears that I was right in the beginning, my glass IS half empty and NOT half full.

At the moment I just want to go and hibernate for the rest of the year as I don’t think I can cope with any more bad things happening or ill health. Just when I thought the Pancreatitis was settling down after resting for the past couple of weeks, after today it has come back and tonight I am in pain again and just want to go to sleep and not wake up until life decides to treat me fairly as surely I have had enough bad luck this year to last anyone a lifetime.

My goal of reaching the 9st by February seems further away than ever and along with it my hopes of IVF and finally having a baby after over ten years of trying. Someone please give me some energy and some good luck for a change.

Sorry if this post is down and dreary, I promise to try and cheer up for next time, I may even tell you all what has dragged me down again and re-started another Pancreatitis attack.

Until then, I am off to bed to try and get some sleep (can’t see me getting much though as my mind is constantly going round in circles).

Night night


4 thoughts on “One Terrible Day Among Many This Year

  1. Cath,

    please don’t give up after all human efforts fail just remember that Jesus is Lord and will never fail.
    Have faith,pray without ceasing and HE who is the quiet listener to all prayers will surely answer.
    Reflect on the story of the woman with the issue of blood in the bible(If only i can touch the hem of HIS garment/cloak i will be healed.Ref-Matthew 19:20-22.
    He did it for others,HE can do it for you.

    Jesus loves you.


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