Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Review

I just realised that I never gave my thoughts on Pirates of the Caribbean 3 that I had promised you.

The film is really long, I think it was around 2hr 41min. You definitely need to see the first 2 films first so that you get the gist of what the film is about. My favourite bit was at the beginning when Captain Jack Sparrow is losing his mind and sees many clones of himself, this was really funny, and again appears later on in the film when he is in jail. The saddest part is also at the beginning, and it is when a small boy is about to be hanged.

Overall I rate the film 7/10.

A short funny story for you regarding the box set of the first two films. I bought the boxset for my father for his birthday on dvd. One night he telephoned me up and told me that the third film was strange at his was basically a commentary on the film and how it was made and didn’t really carry on from the end of the second film. After a few minutes of repeatedly trying to explain to him that the third disc was a bonus disc with extras on it, he still would not accept it. Finally it took a second phone call for me to convince him that the third film wasn’t even out at that point so it couldn’t be the third film. It took him asking my sister about it before he finally accepted that the third disc was a bonus disc and not the third film and the film being advertised was not the fourth.

This christmas I have bought him the dvd of the third film and I am expecting a repeat performance as it also has a bonus disc, I think I may put a note in it explaining that it is a bonus disc and not the fourth film. I will let you know how it goes after christmas.

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has left such lovely comments for me, I really appreciate the support, and please feel free to pass the web address on to anyone whom you thing would enjoy my blog. I promise that it will get more cheerful soon.


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