Beaded Jewellery

First of all the good news is that my fleece hat turned up safe and sound (darling hubby in a once in a lifetime bout of tidying up kept it away in the bottom hall drawer).

Last night I switched on my main desktop computer for the first time in around 6 months (we have been using our laptops) and thought I would copy over all the pics I had on it and have a look at them, a true trip down memory lane.

Amongst the pics was a folder full of pics of the fine beaded necklaces/earrings/hairclips I had made a couple of years ago (still have most of them safely boxed up).

I thought you might like to see them so am going to post them here for you to see. As I mentioned above I still have a lot of them so if you are interested in them please let me know.

These necklaces were made out of tiny czech (I think they were czech) seed beads and are of the highest quality (no cheap stuff for me) and took an age to make each one.

Am off to see some relatives up Stafford way tomorrow with my father so will be off to bed early tonight so I am up bright eyed and bushy tailed.























Hope you enjoyed them :wave:


Ghosts and Haunted Houses


Does anyone else feel like they have a ghost in there house?? :??:

I’m not talking about bumps in the night and strange draughts, I’m talking about the “items which go missing” especially my items.

The latest is a pink fleecey beanie golfing hat. I purchased this hat on the way back from the NEC golf show and have never worn it. It was placed on top of my golf shoe bag ready to be put in my golf bag when I next played golf (of which I haven’t yet). The item before is a pair of earrings and before that numerous items including hair bands (all left on my dresser table), hairbrushes and my medication out of the cupboard!!!

Now I know what you are all thinking, “dosey old bat she is putting things down and then not remembering where she has put them”, 8| and usually I would agree with you, but the latest incident has totally baffled me as it has not been worn out of the house and the house has been turned upside down and still no sign of the hat.

I wouldn’t normally be that bothered about a hat, but this hat in particular is kinda special, kinda special because I do not have another fleecey beanie 😥 hat only baseball caps and those funny baseball caps with no tops on them only the visor part (supposed to be really handy on hot days when you need to keep the sun out of your eyes, it doesn’t matter about getting sunstroke 😀 ) so I really want to find this hat as I am hoping to go golfing over the next couple of days to try out my new golf clubs.

Please tell me I am not going crazy, :crazy: the next thing I will be waking up and my three dogs and husband will have gone missing :-/ .

In the meantime, I will keep looking for “the hat”.


Zwartbles and Spinning Books

After receiving a comment regarding the Zwartbles fleece which I have begun to card ready for spinning, I thought I would write a little bit about this fleece.

The fleece is a dark brown with a few light brown spots. When I received the fleece it was very smelly and dirty and contained a lot of vegetation and other not very nice matter. Once I washed and dried the fleece (the sweater dryer from Lakeland is brilliant for this) I put it into a cotton pillowcase to store until I had time to begin carding. I have tried to card the fleece with the large carders but they are a bit too big for my little hands and I had a lot of trouble using them so purchased a pair of small handcarders and they are much more manageable. It is a lot of hardwork carding the fleece but the results are really rewarding as it is very light and airy if not short staple length (or is it me thinking of all the lovely fleece I have seen in books etc). You are supposed to roll the carded fleece into a rolag (basically just a roll) ready for spinning, this is the part I could not work out as the length is shorter than what I have seen being used so I just tried to roll it as much as I could into an oblong round tube shape. I have carded roughly half of the pillowcase of fleece this is roughly 7 hours carding time (I know I am slow and have a lot of suspicious marks on my wrists which I will have to explain to my parents before they think I have begun to self harm). Once I have completed the carding I will begin my first attempts of handspinning and will let you know how I get on then.

One of the first books I purchased on Handspinning was Carol Knoll’s “The Whole Craft of Spinning”. At first glance of this book I thought it was going to be a waste of money as it is only 47 pages in length, but boy was I wrong. It was a mine of information, it literally does what it says on the cover, it takes you “from the raw material to the finished yarn”. It covers using drop spindles and spinning wheels (includes explaining the various parts of the spinning wheel and their names etc).

The part which I thoroughly enjoyed in this book were two of the chapters which go through the different animal fibres and even the plant fibres etc and was really interesting.

The book is available through Amazon (which is where I purchased it from) and is $6.95 which is approximately £4 from Amazon. I am sure you will be able to purchase it from other book stores.


I hope you have found this interesting and I will review some other books as I get round to reading them.

In case I don’t get the chance to write again before christmas I would like to wish you all a very merry christmas and a happy new year.



Why is Christmas so hectic?? It is a lot of bother for two days!! Perhaps it is different if you have children or are religious but for me I go through two emotions up to the run up of Christmas. First is excitement and then total peed off. When I’m not tired and I can relax and enjoy the festivities I am ok, but once the pressure starts and I get tired I get totally peed off.

In my house I do most of the work. I do the shopping, the cooking, the wrapping of presents, the writing of cards and the clearing up. All on top of the usual household duties.

Three times this week I have been to various supermarkets getting bits and pieces, why not get it all in one store I hear you say! If you lived where I do we have a Tesco or an hours round drive to a Morrisons or a 2 and a half hour round drive to an Asda.

At Christmas I like to get unusual things, unusual gateauxs, unusual chocs etc. I also like to make my own christmas cake, bara briths (fruited loaves) and mince pies. I know, I know I am making more work for myself but it is tradition and I love baking.

This evening I have made four bara briths (usually I make six) so it is going to be a lottery who gets them this year. Probably those who I feel deserve them as usually I just make them for who ever wants one.

The reason I am going to cut back on how much I do is because I have had a telling off off my doctor this morning. My blood pressure is still sky high, my pulse is high, my cholestrol is high and he feels I am over stressed so need to calm down a bit.

I am going to take his suggestion and hubby is going to take me shopping tomorrow to Asda to try and get the bulk of the christmas food, but no doubt I will have to go to Tesco on Sunday to buy fruit and veg etc.

Here’s hoping I have a nice calm and relaxing day tomorrow. As for now I am going to snuggle up in bed and read a book.


Disaster has struck

The curse of the boyfriends sweater has struck again.

After completing the surprise garment for hubby I decided to put it in the wash so that I could put it in a towel to dry for a few days, so that is what I did after checking the ball band of course. The ball band stated “machine washable” “dry flat” and “reshape whilst wet” so I was re-assured that it was okay to put it in the machine on a wool wash, temperature reduced to 30 degrees and I reduced the spin to the lowest setting then went off to bed.

Around 4ish this morning I got up to go to the toilet and pulled the garment out of the machine, this is when my nightmare began, the garment had grown by at least six sizes (in lenth and width) the neck was as wide as my body and the body of the garment would have gone round me twice, as for the length well it would have made a very good nighty on my 4ft 9″ frame. I sat on the side of the bath and cried for half an hour.

I was totally gobsmacked and could not think for the life of me what to do. At times like this I did what I do best, I made myself a bowl of cereal and sat down to eat it. Just as I was finishing it I had an idea (don’t try this at home and if you do don’t blame me if it all goes even more wrong as I will not be held accountable for it, you have been warned), a couple of years ago I put a shawl in the machine without checking which setting it was on and when I pulled it out it had also grown and my gorgeouls lace shawl was ruined, as it was acrylic (luckily) I put it in the tumble dryer in a hope that it might shrink back to normal, lo and behold it worked, so that is what I did with this garment. I put it in the tumble dryer for 40mins and went off to bed along with a trusty “Nytol tablet” and fell asleep quite quickly.

At around 8ish I woke up again needing the bathroom so went down to check on the garment in the dryer. Holding my breath I pulled it out of the dryer and was slightly relieved to see that it had shrunk back a bit but was still very wet so thought what the heck and put it back in for 40mins and went back to sleep.

When I got up at 11 (I know a good lie in, well deserved after my traumatic night) I went and checked on the garment, it had shrunk some more but was still wet, so I put it back in for 50mins this time and thought if it felts then so be it I will make a pillow out of it for hubby to use on his office chair (I know a very expensive pillow, for those of you interested in knitting it was made out of Sublime Extra Fine Merino DK in shade 0018 and is around £3.49 a ball).

When I went back to it later it had reasonably worked, it was nowhere near as beautiful as it was when I had completed it and it had shrunk a bit too much in length (perhaps the 40mins would have been fine) and the neck is still a bit on the wide side but I quickly put it in a gift bag and taped it up. I am planning to try and forget about it until christmas day when I will think about what to do with it then, hopefully it will not be too bad a fit for hubby so a bit of dampening or steaming and re-shaping will work.

I have just sent an email to Sublime complaining and stating my disappointment at the quality of the so called luxury yarn, I am beginning to think I should just stick to acrylic yarns.

On a bit lighter note, those of you who are into blood and guts type horror films and would like a good laugh at a few B movies, you might like to check out “Grim Reaper”, “Blood Car” and “Murder Party”. I watched them whilst knitting the garment and they were the best laugh ever, for those of you who don’t like the look of blood and guts (even though they look comically fake) you might like to give these films a miss, perhaps Enchanted might suit you better (I haven’t seen it yet though).

That is all my news for today. If you enjoy reading my posts or you think I suck please let me know by leaving me a comment. All comments taken light-heartedly’ish but please bear in mind it is the season of goodwill.

Only ten days to Christmas so the countdown begins.



YIPPEE the surprise handknitted present for my darling hubby is finished, all it needs it washing and drying and possibly a light steam, the bad news is that you will have to wait until after christmas to see it as I know hubby checks out what I put on here so don’t want to spoil the surprise for him. I am so glad it is finished as I was beginning to think I wasn’t going to finish it in time.

The other good news is that my new shiny pink golf clubs have arrived and I have put them in my new clean pink and black golf bag, they look really smart and when I get a chance I will post a pic of the whole item for you to see. I am really impressed with the quality of the clubs and also the quality of the headcovers for the drivers and hybrid clubs. All I need now is the weather and the health to get out to play with them. It hasn’t even been the weather for me to set up our little garden driving range as it has been too windy to put the net up. Hopefully I will get to the proper driving range over the weekend.

I went to see the nurse yesterday for a check-up and weigh in and she was rather concerned about my blood pressure, cholestrol and my pulse (my pulse was 116 which apparently is very high and so was my blood pressure but don’t remember off hand what that was). I have got an appointment on Wednesday with my GP to see what he makes of it and will have to have a full set of bloods taken again after christmas to double check my cholestrol etc. I will let you know how the appointment goes Wednesday.

I also have some knitting and spinning books to review soon so those of you who are interested in knitting and/or spinning can check that out and those of you who aren’t can just skip the post as I will post the title of the book in the title so you know.

Well it is really late and I am really tired so will leave it there for now, just had to tell you all that I had finished the surprise.

Night night



I was going through an old photo album of items I have handknitted this afternoon and thought I would share some of the toys I made.

The first two pictures are of Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddleduck. These were orders for a lady in Belgium back in 2000. They were to be christmas presents for her little girl and I am sure she loved them as I found it very difficult to send them after putting in so much work. I wonder whether they have survived the seven years!!

peter rabbit

jemima puddleduck

I wonder whether anyone remembers this little character. He was a nightmare to sew together as he actually has a mouth which opens, I was emailed out of the blue and asked whether I could knit him if they sent me the knitting pattern, little did I know at the time how awkward he would be.

digital monkey

This is my favourite and I have made three of them (one was for my neighbour), as I recall he was around 2.5ft tall if not slightly taller. He was finished off with a real pair of children’s wellingtons. I always said I would knit myself one but I have never gotten round to it.

paddington bear

These cute little bears were for a lady who was also going through infertility and she wanted them to put in her baby’s nursery if her final attempt of IVF was successful. I was hesitant to knit them for her as I feared they may have caused a jinx, but as instructed I knitted them up and sent them off to her. A few weeks later I had an email from her thanking me, they had been a lucky charm as her final IVF attempt was successful.

teddy family

I love knitting up toys but hate sewing them up. Once they have been completed they really give you a sense of achievement. I had knitted the full set of tellytubbies for my nephew when he was small and also a postman pat for him. My sister requested a shaun the sheep which was duly made for her.

It is funny how cartoon characters go round in full circle and I wonder how many of my toys are still out there (I know my sister’s and nephews toys have been thrown away a long time ago).

I hope that one day I will get the chance to knit some of these popular toys for my own child for christmas and birthday presents.

This year there is yet another christmas without a child and the closer it gets to the big day the more I feel like there is a piece of me missing and I miss the babies whom I lost through my many miscarriages. This year I managed to get all of my presents over the internet so have avoided the shops full of christmas toys.

Perhaps after christmas I will dig out the part knitted Winnie the Pooh toy and finish sewing him up.