Merry Christmas

I am sorry for not being around the past few days but I really needed some time to myself so that I could get myself together emotionally.

You will be glad to hear that I am feeling better despite finding out today that our last chance of getting pregnant naturally this year has failed, so my one special christmas gift is no longer going to happen. I don’t know how to express how I am feeling, gutted I suppose along with tearful and moody (have managed to keep the moodiness under control so far). I guess I will just have to accept that there is no way I will be pregnant this year, and the soonest will be next year, 😦

On a good note, my spinning wheel came. We decided to pull it out of the box and check everything was there (the box was huge), it was just as well we did as a few of the parts were missing (important parts like the drive band), so we put what we had together and it looks really impressive.

My first lot of fleece also arrived, I have just completed washing it, the last lot is on the rack drying, and I attempted to card some of it ready for spinning, it is impossible, I think I will have to save up and invest in a drum carder, then hopefully if I get good at spinning I can sell it and raise some money for IVF (that is the idea anyway). I think in the meantime I will have to persuade hubby to card it for me.

I am beginning to get excited about christmas, so am taking this opportunity to wish you all a merry christmas, yes I know it is three weeks early, but I am really prepared this year and have purchased all of the gifts all ready, just need to marzipan and ice the cake and then that is completed. The only big job will be putting the christmas decorations up so will probably creep round my father to come and help us (we can’t ruin a family tradition of him coming here and helping now can I).

The latest news on my new golf clubs is that the lady that we dealt with at the NEC has been on holiday so the order has not been able to be placed, hopefully it will be placed tomorrow.

I wish you a good night and will speak to you tomorrow.


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