Carding Fleece

After spending a week washing my first lot of fleece and drying it all it came to the point where I had to try and card it. I had watched how to do it on a dvd a few days ago and with carders in hand and a piece of fleece next to me I sat down to have a go. It is not near as easy as it looks on the dvd. After twenty minutes of trying and aching arms I gave up, the sum of my hard work was a small piece of carded fleece.

My plan therefore was to get hubby to do it for me (I know I posted a bit about this last night). So this afternoon I sat hubby down and showed him how to do it, he also agrees with me that it is really hard work, so we have sent for some smaller carders in the hope that that will make it easier for me as a Drum Carder is £200.

Below is a picture of the Zwartble Ewe that my first lot of fleece is off, it is black with sparse brown patches and is a very short and curly staple. I am expecting some alpaca fleece over the next few days so will let you know what that is like when it arrives and after I have washed it.

On the dieting news, I have lost 1/2lb this week, that is due to the dreadful time of the month, but am hopeful that that will be a good start as I usually gain weight at this time. Fingers crossed for a good loss next week.



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