Animal Fleeces

This is just a quick message to ask if anyone knows of any reasonably priced fleeces for spinning. I am quite happy to wash and card the fleece and don’t necessarily need any right now but I have heard that once you begin spinning you soon go through your stash so am getting prepared in advance with a list of people whom sell their fleeces (or even better will donate it to me all in the name of education and I will of course pay the postage for it)

The christmas decorations are still in the attic, although I have decorated the small tree which arrived yesterday ready to go in the porch but still a lot to do including marzipaning and icing my christmas cake.

If you want to get in touch with me you can either email me or leave a comment and I will get back to you.

I would also like to take this chance to thank all my readers for supporting me and especially all of you who have gone to the trouble to leave me comments, I am really grateful for all of your support.


5 thoughts on “Animal Fleeces

  1. Hi
    I came across you after doing a general search for the Zwartbles fleece. Just want to wish you much luck with the spinning. I received my first bag only this morning and was looking to try and find others who had worked with the fleece before getting started on my bagfull.

    I have been spinning for about 18 years and am in the process of trying to start a new group of spinners, weavers and dyers in the area where I live.


  2. Zwartbles is quite easy to spin with, even with teaching yourself spinning (so it must be easy).

    I am looking forward to trying all different kinds of fleeces, even dog hair at some point (when my father has collected enough of his dog for me).


  3. i have around 8 norfolk horn fleeces in my garage, which are a pretty rare breed, i was lucky enough to meet a guy down the pub who had a small flock of them. I’ve been working my way through them slowly, you’re very welcome to one if you’d like.

    i’ve also been promised a suffolk and a lincoln fleece, if they arrive at any point soon, i’d be happy to throw in a handful of those for you to try out.

    I am hoping after the next shearing i’ll be able to get some ryeland and shetland fleeces too, but that’s not certain yet….the joys of living in the countryside!


    • Hi Vampy

      Thank you very much for your kind offer. I have been trying to track down a contact email address to email you privately but could not find one on your blog.

      I would love to take you up on your offer the fleece. If you let me know how much you want for it etc I can sort out payment etc.

      You can contact me on

      Thanks again



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