I was going through an old photo album of items I have handknitted this afternoon and thought I would share some of the toys I made.

The first two pictures are of Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddleduck. These were orders for a lady in Belgium back in 2000. They were to be christmas presents for her little girl and I am sure she loved them as I found it very difficult to send them after putting in so much work. I wonder whether they have survived the seven years!!

peter rabbit

jemima puddleduck

I wonder whether anyone remembers this little character. He was a nightmare to sew together as he actually has a mouth which opens, I was emailed out of the blue and asked whether I could knit him if they sent me the knitting pattern, little did I know at the time how awkward he would be.

digital monkey

This is my favourite and I have made three of them (one was for my neighbour), as I recall he was around 2.5ft tall if not slightly taller. He was finished off with a real pair of children’s wellingtons. I always said I would knit myself one but I have never gotten round to it.

paddington bear

These cute little bears were for a lady who was also going through infertility and she wanted them to put in her baby’s nursery if her final attempt of IVF was successful. I was hesitant to knit them for her as I feared they may have caused a jinx, but as instructed I knitted them up and sent them off to her. A few weeks later I had an email from her thanking me, they had been a lucky charm as her final IVF attempt was successful.

teddy family

I love knitting up toys but hate sewing them up. Once they have been completed they really give you a sense of achievement. I had knitted the full set of tellytubbies for my nephew when he was small and also a postman pat for him. My sister requested a shaun the sheep which was duly made for her.

It is funny how cartoon characters go round in full circle and I wonder how many of my toys are still out there (I know my sister’s and nephews toys have been thrown away a long time ago).

I hope that one day I will get the chance to knit some of these popular toys for my own child for christmas and birthday presents.

This year there is yet another christmas without a child and the closer it gets to the big day the more I feel like there is a piece of me missing and I miss the babies whom I lost through my many miscarriages. This year I managed to get all of my presents over the internet so have avoided the shops full of christmas toys.

Perhaps after christmas I will dig out the part knitted Winnie the Pooh toy and finish sewing him up.


2 thoughts on “Handknitting

  1. Darling, coping is your take on things, this is not coping, this is denial?

    Fantasy…. Life goes on, Joy goes on, you will feel complete if you get out there!Your Soul Mate is waiting,



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