Disaster has struck

The curse of the boyfriends sweater has struck again.

After completing the surprise garment for hubby I decided to put it in the wash so that I could put it in a towel to dry for a few days, so that is what I did after checking the ball band of course. The ball band stated “machine washable” “dry flat” and “reshape whilst wet” so I was re-assured that it was okay to put it in the machine on a wool wash, temperature reduced to 30 degrees and I reduced the spin to the lowest setting then went off to bed.

Around 4ish this morning I got up to go to the toilet and pulled the garment out of the machine, this is when my nightmare began, the garment had grown by at least six sizes (in lenth and width) the neck was as wide as my body and the body of the garment would have gone round me twice, as for the length well it would have made a very good nighty on my 4ft 9″ frame. I sat on the side of the bath and cried for half an hour.

I was totally gobsmacked and could not think for the life of me what to do. At times like this I did what I do best, I made myself a bowl of cereal and sat down to eat it. Just as I was finishing it I had an idea (don’t try this at home and if you do don’t blame me if it all goes even more wrong as I will not be held accountable for it, you have been warned), a couple of years ago I put a shawl in the machine without checking which setting it was on and when I pulled it out it had also grown and my gorgeouls lace shawl was ruined, as it was acrylic (luckily) I put it in the tumble dryer in a hope that it might shrink back to normal, lo and behold it worked, so that is what I did with this garment. I put it in the tumble dryer for 40mins and went off to bed along with a trusty “Nytol tablet” and fell asleep quite quickly.

At around 8ish I woke up again needing the bathroom so went down to check on the garment in the dryer. Holding my breath I pulled it out of the dryer and was slightly relieved to see that it had shrunk back a bit but was still very wet so thought what the heck and put it back in for 40mins and went back to sleep.

When I got up at 11 (I know a good lie in, well deserved after my traumatic night) I went and checked on the garment, it had shrunk some more but was still wet, so I put it back in for 50mins this time and thought if it felts then so be it I will make a pillow out of it for hubby to use on his office chair (I know a very expensive pillow, for those of you interested in knitting it was made out of Sublime Extra Fine Merino DK in shade 0018 and is around £3.49 a ball).

When I went back to it later it had reasonably worked, it was nowhere near as beautiful as it was when I had completed it and it had shrunk a bit too much in length (perhaps the 40mins would have been fine) and the neck is still a bit on the wide side but I quickly put it in a gift bag and taped it up. I am planning to try and forget about it until christmas day when I will think about what to do with it then, hopefully it will not be too bad a fit for hubby so a bit of dampening or steaming and re-shaping will work.

I have just sent an email to Sublime complaining and stating my disappointment at the quality of the so called luxury yarn, I am beginning to think I should just stick to acrylic yarns.

On a bit lighter note, those of you who are into blood and guts type horror films and would like a good laugh at a few B movies, you might like to check out “Grim Reaper”, “Blood Car” and “Murder Party”. I watched them whilst knitting the garment and they were the best laugh ever, for those of you who don’t like the look of blood and guts (even though they look comically fake) you might like to give these films a miss, perhaps Enchanted might suit you better (I haven’t seen it yet though).

That is all my news for today. If you enjoy reading my posts or you think I suck please let me know by leaving me a comment. All comments taken light-heartedly’ish but please bear in mind it is the season of goodwill.

Only ten days to Christmas so the countdown begins.


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