YIPPEE the surprise handknitted present for my darling hubby is finished, all it needs it washing and drying and possibly a light steam, the bad news is that you will have to wait until after christmas to see it as I know hubby checks out what I put on here so don’t want to spoil the surprise for him. I am so glad it is finished as I was beginning to think I wasn’t going to finish it in time.

The other good news is that my new shiny pink golf clubs have arrived and I have put them in my new clean pink and black golf bag, they look really smart and when I get a chance I will post a pic of the whole item for you to see. I am really impressed with the quality of the clubs and also the quality of the headcovers for the drivers and hybrid clubs. All I need now is the weather and the health to get out to play with them. It hasn’t even been the weather for me to set up our little garden driving range as it has been too windy to put the net up. Hopefully I will get to the proper driving range over the weekend.

I went to see the nurse yesterday for a check-up and weigh in and she was rather concerned about my blood pressure, cholestrol and my pulse (my pulse was 116 which apparently is very high and so was my blood pressure but don’t remember off hand what that was). I have got an appointment on Wednesday with my GP to see what he makes of it and will have to have a full set of bloods taken again after christmas to double check my cholestrol etc. I will let you know how the appointment goes Wednesday.

I also have some knitting and spinning books to review soon so those of you who are interested in knitting and/or spinning can check that out and those of you who aren’t can just skip the post as I will post the title of the book in the title so you know.

Well it is really late and I am really tired so will leave it there for now, just had to tell you all that I had finished the surprise.

Night night


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