Why is Christmas so hectic?? It is a lot of bother for two days!! Perhaps it is different if you have children or are religious but for me I go through two emotions up to the run up of Christmas. First is excitement and then total peed off. When I’m not tired and I can relax and enjoy the festivities I am ok, but once the pressure starts and I get tired I get totally peed off.

In my house I do most of the work. I do the shopping, the cooking, the wrapping of presents, the writing of cards and the clearing up. All on top of the usual household duties.

Three times this week I have been to various supermarkets getting bits and pieces, why not get it all in one store I hear you say! If you lived where I do we have a Tesco or an hours round drive to a Morrisons or a 2 and a half hour round drive to an Asda.

At Christmas I like to get unusual things, unusual gateauxs, unusual chocs etc. I also like to make my own christmas cake, bara briths (fruited loaves) and mince pies. I know, I know I am making more work for myself but it is tradition and I love baking.

This evening I have made four bara briths (usually I make six) so it is going to be a lottery who gets them this year. Probably those who I feel deserve them as usually I just make them for who ever wants one.

The reason I am going to cut back on how much I do is because I have had a telling off off my doctor this morning. My blood pressure is still sky high, my pulse is high, my cholestrol is high and he feels I am over stressed so need to calm down a bit.

I am going to take his suggestion and hubby is going to take me shopping tomorrow to Asda to try and get the bulk of the christmas food, but no doubt I will have to go to Tesco on Sunday to buy fruit and veg etc.

Here’s hoping I have a nice calm and relaxing day tomorrow. As for now I am going to snuggle up in bed and read a book.


2 thoughts on “Christmas

  1. Christmas is for procrastinators for we smirk at people who prepare months in advance as a little strange…

    We seem to put a lot of effort into a short period of time and then it is all over, bit like the British at love making….


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