Overdoing Things

Yet again I have overdone things and am aching from head to toe.

It all started with a visit to the doctor’s (a total waste of time), then a 20 min drive to pick up my car from the garage where it has been since Monday getting Mot’ed and a new clutch under the warranty (funny that important things like oil and a seal is not covered under the warranty when they are needed for the clutch). A visit to Tesco’s then followed.

Once back home I pulled out the ironing board and set to work on the big basket of ironing, then did some fleece carding on the drum carder and then washed a very smelly and dirty ewe’s fleece.

What did I do next, well instead of sitting down and relaxing for a couple of hours I decided to steam the squares I had been knitting from “The Art of Knitting” which is a partwork magazine (not that I need to know three-quarters of what they tell me as I already know it).

Amongst all of this I did the washing, looked after three dogs and did the shaping on the knitting machine on the cardigan I am knitting for hubby (which is all done on the garter carriage but I still need to go and increase/decrease every few rows)..

It is no wonder I am aching. Now I am off to make some beans on toast as hubby is working until 9:30pm and I had jacket potato with tuna last night and can’t face it again and don’t really fancy jacket potato with beans.



Hubby’s Jumper (Again)

I had an email from Alison at Knit Today giving me the name and email address of a lady at Sirdar (must be the mother company of Sublime, although I thought Sublime was Italian!!!)

After sending the lady called Avril at Sirdar a long email laying out everything which had happened so far I received an email from Ms Clough (the original lady who was dealing with the matter at Sublime) which came from Avril’s email address!!!

Basically she has accepted responsibility so far as offering to replace the yarn (must be the fact that I blatantly stated that if I had knitted it as an order for a customer then I would have had to refund the customer the cost of the yarn and the cost of my time knitting it which would have resulted my being at a considerable lost monetary wise and timewise). :wave:

I am now waiting to receive the yarn and will either knit something else out of it or sell it on Ebay to try and get the money back, I don’t know. Hubby likes the design of the jumper and the colour and feel etc so it may end up being knitted back up to the same jumper.
I am also considering un-ravelling the yarn, tying it into skeins, washing it and weighting it to get out the crimp and trying to re-use it!! Anyone have any experience with doing this???

I will keep you updated on the whole saga.

Just a little note before I finish off for tonight. I made a cute ball band to place on my hand spun Zwartbles yarn and it looks really cute. If I work out how to get a picture of it then I will upload it but at the moment it is in MS Word format.


Even More Pictures of Projects

For those of you who are interested in seeing yet more of my projects which have been completed then here they are, for those of you who aren’t you get my permission not to bother reading this post.

The first picture is for a Princess Throne which I made for my little baby Dino as a christmas present in 2006. I foolishly thought he would love it, but once I had completed it I realised that it was too small and not sturdy enough so no it is in 2 pieces lurking around the house.

Princess Throne

This wrap top took nearly 12 months to knit as I hated it. The pattern looked lovely, it was a Sirdar Country Style Pattern No 8580 and I knitted it in Patons Fairytale DK yarn. I soon sold it on Ebay.

Wrap Top

I absolutely love this cardigan which was made using a pattern from Simply Knitting magazine from Issue December 2006. I made it in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK and it is gorgeous (so much so I have not worn it yet just look at it adoringly).

Christmas Rose

These socks were made from a pattern in Knit Today magazine and were made in Opal 6ply in the Inspiration colourway.

Check Mate Socks

These socks are knitted with heart motifs and have cute little beads in them. They were made from the Friendly Socks Book Volume One and I made them in RYC Cashcotton 4ply (same yarn as the Scent of Summer top which I had previously made, good way to use up left over yarn).

City Hearts Socks

This throw was made to use up some cheap and cheerful fun fur I had left over in the bottom of my stash. It is really soft and is very big, but is gorgeous for cuddling up on the couch with (the dogs love it as well).

Checked Throw

This scarf was made with a freebie kit from the Art of Knitting Partworks Magazine, it is made with cheap and cheerful acrylic. It is presently up for sale on Ebay as I don’t particularly like the length.

Skinny Scarf

These socks were knitted from a freebie pattern from Get Knitted Online Shop. It was knitted in Opal 6 ply which was also purchased from Get Knitted.

Simple Socks

This scarf was from a cheap kit I purchased for a couple of pounds and was intending to give away as a Christmas present but could not work out who to give it to. It was a Lara Lamb Scarf Kit and was made in fun fur. It is presently up for sale on Ebay as I don’t like garments made out of fun fur (on the right person they look brilliant but just not on me
:-/ ).


This hat again was a left over kit purchased for a christmas present and again is a Lara Lamb Hat Kit. Again this hat is for sale on Ebay.

Beanie Hat

Yet again this is a Lara Lamb Wrap kit which was a left over and is also on sale on Ebay.


This jumper was a one of design that I was asked to knit from a pattern which a lady had designed herself and wrote the pattern herself. The yarn was Pure UK Alpaca Fibre from Special Spinning Limited and was a 3ply in a sense of the word. It was lovely yarn but the finished article was dreadful. I did not hear from the lady again as it did cost her a fortune for me to have knitted it. The picture was taken before being washed and steamed and the neck had not been crocheted (which the lady said she would do) so it may have looked a lot better when totally completed.

Frilly Jumper


Zwartbles Fleece and Spinning

Here is the fun news I promised you.

After spending a long time washing and carding my very first fleece which was a Zwartbles breed sheep I have finally finished my first skein.

This is how the fleece looks once it was washed and carded and comes out of the bag (a cotton pillowcase).

Zwartbles Carded

I wish I had had the foresight to have taken a pic of the fleece before carding so you will have seen the difference. I promise to do it next time. This pic is a rolag which is basically a piece of the fleece carded on the drum carded and you roll it up into a cigar shape.

Zwartbles Rolag

And this is the final product. It was spun and then two of the ends were plied together. They were then wound into a skein from the bobbin and washed and dried under pressure (put some fishing weights in the bottom to put some tension on it), then finally put into a pretty skein.

Zwartbles First Skein

The skein weighs 85g and is quite thick/thin but am going to knit it up either into a doggie coat or a bag which I will then felt.

All this fun from a cute looking animal. Here is a pic of the said animal.


Thank you Sheppherd for the hours of fun I have had and have got left with the rest of your furry fleece.

If you were ever considering having a go at spinning I would definitely have a go as it is great fun and I have really enjoyed it (although it is tiring).


Hubby’s Jumper

As promised here is the pic of the returned jumper which I had knitted for hubby for Christmas.

hubby's jumper

And here is how it was before I sent it.

jumper 006

Not much difference is there.

And this is how it was supposed to look.


Noticed the differences. I certainly do and when hubby wears it you can definitely tell the differences (the neck shaping is huge and looks a mess). Sublime are still refusing to accept responsibility and I am now awaiting a response from Alison at Knit Today letting me know what Sublime has to say on the matter.


Silk Yarn Pt2

This is just a quick post to let you know I found some 100% silk yarn a lot cheaper than I expected.

The yarn I eventually purchased was 100% silk by Debbie Bliss in a lovely purply colour and it is so soft, I can’t wait to get round to knitting the underwear set. I was planning to have it completed by Valentine’s but as it is only a couple of weeks away it is a bit ambitious so will aim for our Wedding Anniversary in July.

In the meantime here is a pic of the luscious yarn.

100% Silk by Debbie Bliss


Knitting Projects

I was going through some pictures on my computer and came across some of past projects. I thought you may like to see some more of my work (they were all completed in 2006), so here they are:

Simple Socks

These are entitled “Simple Socks” and were made in “Opal” in a magic yellow and blues colourway.

Sixth Sense

These are entitled “Sixth Sense” and were made in “Formosa” in a white/pink and purples colourway

Blueberry Waffle Socks

These are entitled “Blueberry Waffle” and were made in “Flotte Sock Yarn” in a mixture of pinks colourway.

Scent of Summer

This lovely top is called “Scent of Summer” and was published in Simply Knitting, July 2006 Issue. It was made in “RYC Classic Yarns, Cashcotton” in a 4ply weight. It took an age to knit and put together as the main part of the top is knitted in 5 different sections and then joined together (can you spot the sections??)

Toe Up Socks

These were the second pair of socks made in “Merino Sock Wool” which I purchased from Ebay. Not really thinking I put them in the washing machine with some other washing and they felted (luckily they were too big to begin with as they now fit perfectly).

1st Pair of Socks

These are the first pair of socks I made and they were in “Blue Faced Leicester” and again there was a mishap with the washing and they felted, but again now fit me perfect and are lovely and warm.


This bolero was knitted as I obtained some Shimmer substitute yarn really cheap (I mean really cheap, had 20 balls for £6) so knitted this up and then donated the rest to a learning disability lady (is this the correct PC term!!) whom my mother looks after occasionally.


This jacket looked lovely in the picture so I decided to purchase the correct yarn and knit it up. It was a Sirdar Pattern (no 8432) and was knitted in Sirdar Country Style, DK weight. After I put all the hard work into it I never liked it so it is sitting in the cupboard. May wrap it up and give it to my mother on Mother’s Day as a treat for her.


And finally (for now anyway) is a Poncho which again I have no idea why I purchased the yarn and knitted it (managed to sell it on Ebay for a profit though). The pattern was a Shimmer one (no 5034) and was knitted in Wendy Shimmer. It looked lovely once I had completed it but was definitely not my style.

I do have more pictures somewhere of items which I have knitted last year (2007) and once I find them I will post them for you to see (better than me gibbering on).

I have some really fun news tomorrow with (hopefully) some pics to go with them.

As for now, Happy Knitting!!!