:oops:I would like to wish a Happy New Year to all my readers and hope they have a happy and prosperous 2008.

So far my New Year has been pretty quiet and unadventurous.

I had a pretty shocking weigh in this morning, I had gained more weight than I had thought 😳 . I suppose it could’ve been worse especially when later on today I found out I wasn’t pregnant so that would explain the extra weight gain, (I always gain a couple of pounds around this time of the month) :no:

Since finding out, I was pretty proactive, I took a couple of painkillers to try and control the monthly pains and have taken myself off to bed with the electric blanket on full. When hubby comes home I’ll get him to make me a nice hot cup of tea (it never tastes the same when I make it). 😀

I got to go for a round of golf on Monday (yes I know, it was New Year’s Eve). It was disastrous despite hitting a couple of fantastic shots, it was the worst round in RAF Valley since I began playing there. When we got home hubby cleaned the clubs and noticed that on my driver there was a crack and dent in the top housing of the club. We spoke to the lad that sold them to me yesterday and he was quite shocked and spoke to Snake Eyes themselves and they have told him to send it back to them and they will replace it. So Rich turned up yesterday afternoon and picked it up and told me his good news, his wife had had their baby over christmas, I was so shaken up I forgot to ask whether it was a girl or boy. Whilst he was here I asked him if he had Winn G8 grip I could buy off him so that I could shorten my “chipper” and would be able to re-grip it with the same grip as all my other clubs. He was so kind, he said he would shorten the club and regrip it free of charge as a gesture of goodwill. I hate it when people do me favours as I then owe them a favour, so I have dug out some cream yarn and have cast on for a matinee set for his new baby girl.

I had started really well yesterday, but since finding out my own news on the baby front I can’t face working on it, but will have to otherwise the baby will have started school before I complete the set :lalala:

Off to watch Big Brother now (yes I know it is quite sad but I can’t help it). Don’t forget that after tonight Big Brother won’t be shown on Channel 4, it will be on E4 instead.


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