Things Are Looking Up

You will all be glad to hear that things are looking up, hubby and I have ceased arguments (for a while anyway) so everything is reasonably back to normal.

This afternoon I even sat down at my spinning wheel with hubby and we managed to work out how to set up the tension band and break band on it, so am hoping to get some spinning in tomorrow.

I thought I would post some pics of my boys.

This is Barney, he is 11 years old and is a Jack Russell/Staff and he is the most adorable little boy you have ever seen. He is constantly wagging his tail and is always happy and has a smile and a cuddle and kiss for me. He also loves his toys (and my teddies when he gets his paws on them). It this pic he had hurt his paw after my father tried to cut his nails without wearing his glasses (my dad not Barney) and cut a cut a bit too far down, you have never seen so much blood.

Poor Barney

This is Dino standing on hubby’s shoulders looking out of the window, I am sure he was a parrot in a former life.

Party tricks

This is not really one of my boys, but you could say we foster him every now and again. He is actually my parents dog and is called Jamie and must be around nine years old. At the moment I can’t remember what type of dog he is but I am sure you can work it out yourselves. Even though he isn’t my dog when he comes here he treats the place like his own and takes over all the toys and me (for such a small dog he doesn’t have get nasty when he doesn’t get his own way).


This is a pic of all three of my babies.

My babies

This is Dino and Fred. You haven’t seen Fred yet, he is Barney’s brother and we have had him and Barney since they were puppies. This is a rare moment when Dino and Fred aren’t fighting.

Dino and Fred

This is another pic of Barney.


This is Dino. I got Dino a couple of years ago from a bad home, he was cowering in the corner covered in scars and really scrawny. I am the centre of his world and he follows me everywhere, I think he is about three years old and is a Jack Russell. I am the centre of his world.


And finally this is a pic of Fred on his own.


I hope you have enjoyed meeting my little boys. As you will have guessed they are all spoilt rotten and are now all sporting their own little t-shirts and polo neck jumpers.


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