After pulling a really late night I finished the matinee jacket for my friend’s baby. I decided to just knit the jacket rather than do the whole set (hat, mittens, bootees, etc) as it was beginning to upset me a bit so just wanted to get it finished. It always amazes me how knitting something so small can have such an effect on me after all these years. I still have a small box of hand knitted baby clothes I had made when I first fell pregnant and then packed away when I had a miscarriage (included in the box is a christening gown, I am using the christening shawl as a blanket on the living room couch). Hopefully one day I will come to terms with the fact that I may never have a baby and will have to get on with life.

Anyway, here is the finished article:


The baby in question is called Toby and he is adorable.

Whilst I was there I got my “Driver” back and also my “Chipper” so am all ready to go golfing again once the weather is better.

Afterwards we went for something to eat as hubby had forgotten to pull meat out last night for our evening meal today. Just as we were tucking in to our food whose voice did I hear but my father’s and my sister’s, lo and behold there they were at the other side of the room ordering their food so we all sat at one table and had a nice time.

My sister had asked me to go to the gym with her, so the time and date is all set, Thursday at 7.30pm. I will let you know how I get on on Friday (if I have recovered by then).

I weighed myself today and have lost another 1lb, so that is a total of 4lb since New Year’s Day which is quite good for me. Hopefully I will lose more once my “Dirty Dancing Fitness” DVD arrives. I used to love the dance moves so am hoping it will just as good as I remember.


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