I have some good news, hubby didn’t shout at me when he heard about the drum carder (it was a bit difficult to shout and me when I was doped up on painkillers trying to cope with the pains in my hands and wrists). We have both come to the conclusion that the reason my wrists etc are hurting so much is due to the fact that the last bout of tendonitis (playing golf before xmas) has not healed properly yet so that’s the reason I am in so much pain.

We went out for a game of golf this afternoon (we must have been mad). Despite hubby telling me that the golf course wouldn’t be boggy and like a lake, when we got there it was like a lake, but we still played.

I was amazed when I managed to hit my ball over two large pools of water and only clipped the other side of the water.

By the time we got to the 9th hole I was wet and cold (although I was playing reasonably well) and you could not see the flag as it was getting dark and misty. Also there was a great mass of water between us and where the flag was supposed to be, so we decided to just go back to the car. This may sound easy but twice I managed to walk into a deep puddle of water which was near enough upto my ankles. I was never so glad to see the car.

Hubby says it was good fun, but I have my doubts (I had to come home with no socks on as they were soaked and had to roll my jeans up as they were also soaked).

Now as a result of the foolishness my legs are cramping (bad circulation) and my wrists are hurting more than ever.

We took some pics of the course and will try and post them over the next couple of days for you to see what we were up against.


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