Silk Yarn

I received my latest copy of “Knit Today” yesterday and fell in love with a french style underwear set, knitted in 100% pure silk.

Yes I know, it sounds very expensive and not does it just sound expensive it is actually expensive.

According to the pattern it is £15.25 per skein and you need three skeins. Even I will not pay nearly £50 for yarn for a french style underwear set.

So, last night I went online in search of some cheaper silk yarn. After some research I found out that the silk yarn I would need was 2ply. So with this information gathered off I went on my virtual tour of all the knitting online shops.

After around an hour of finding, aran weight, lace weight, sports weight, fingering weight etc etc etc (even I got confused in the end) none of them actually stated 2ply. Now I know aran weight is thick and lace weight is thin but what on earth is sports weight and fingering weight!!!!

Anyway, I found a site that had some lovely 100% silk in a nice salmon colour for £13 plus £2 postage. The good thing was that it was a 750g cone which was more than enough for my sexy underwear set. So off I went and ordered it.

This afternoon I had an email from the shop telling me that they had actually sold all the silk. AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

I have just been looking on the internet again and have given up for tonight. All the lace weight, aran weight, fingering weight etc is too much for me.

If anyone has any idea what all the differences are please tell me.


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