Handknitted Socks

I have some good news, I emailed Guido 2Skiens from “It’s a Purl Man” last night and he has agreed to mention my blog on his podcast (fame at last) :wave:


Some other news is that I received my jumper back from Sublime and it looks nearly identical to how I sent it 😥 . I had not really expected anything different but I had expected an apologetic letter, but oh no, they are still not accepting liability for their faulty yarn and are still saying it is the way I washed it :crazy: .

I tried to telephone them up but kept getting told to phone back in an hour as the lady I was dealing with was in a meeting. Finally I got totally fed up and email Alison from Knit Today and she has very kindly said she would speak to Sublime on my behalf to see what could get worked out. I expect either the money I spent on the yarn to be refunded OR enough of the yarn sent to me so that I could (begrudgingly) re-knit the jumper XX(

I will let you know how I get on and will take a pic of the returned jumper for you to see once I get a chance.

Over the past few days I have not been feeling too well (things have not gotten any better with the family situation, will go into it later) and could not really concentrate on the Sirdar cabled hooded cardigan pattern (I have been knitting it for ages) so decided to have a look through my sock patterns and knit something relatively plain so as not to tax my tired brain.

I remembered buying the Knitting on the Road book by Nancy Bush and thought I would have a look through that as I had not knitted anything from it as of yet. I found the pattern called “Conwy”. Conwy is actually a name of a village around 50 miles away from me so thought I would knit that. I have duly cast on and am half way up the calf of the sock and will post a pic once I have finished.

On the family side of things I have not heard from my mother since Saturday morning (when she phoned me up and started asking why I could not get on with my sister etc etc etc). This evening whilst I was in the shower my father telephoned and spoke to my husband and did not ask how I was or mention the argument (typical of my father).

The reason he had telephoned was that his new tv was coming on Tuesday (it was ordered in November) and could I go and set it up once it has come. Now I am not being a awkward but my car is going into the garage on Monday to get the gear box/clutch replaced under the warranty so I won’t have a car. Looks like he will have to ask his favourite youngest daughter instead.

Oh well off to do some more knitting, will probably be on the Sirdar cardigan as I really want to get it finished.


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