Knitting Projects

I was going through some pictures on my computer and came across some of past projects. I thought you may like to see some more of my work (they were all completed in 2006), so here they are:

Simple Socks

These are entitled “Simple Socks” and were made in “Opal” in a magic yellow and blues colourway.

Sixth Sense

These are entitled “Sixth Sense” and were made in “Formosa” in a white/pink and purples colourway

Blueberry Waffle Socks

These are entitled “Blueberry Waffle” and were made in “Flotte Sock Yarn” in a mixture of pinks colourway.

Scent of Summer

This lovely top is called “Scent of Summer” and was published in Simply Knitting, July 2006 Issue. It was made in “RYC Classic Yarns, Cashcotton” in a 4ply weight. It took an age to knit and put together as the main part of the top is knitted in 5 different sections and then joined together (can you spot the sections??)

Toe Up Socks

These were the second pair of socks made in “Merino Sock Wool” which I purchased from Ebay. Not really thinking I put them in the washing machine with some other washing and they felted (luckily they were too big to begin with as they now fit perfectly).

1st Pair of Socks

These are the first pair of socks I made and they were in “Blue Faced Leicester” and again there was a mishap with the washing and they felted, but again now fit me perfect and are lovely and warm.


This bolero was knitted as I obtained some Shimmer substitute yarn really cheap (I mean really cheap, had 20 balls for £6) so knitted this up and then donated the rest to a learning disability lady (is this the correct PC term!!) whom my mother looks after occasionally.


This jacket looked lovely in the picture so I decided to purchase the correct yarn and knit it up. It was a Sirdar Pattern (no 8432) and was knitted in Sirdar Country Style, DK weight. After I put all the hard work into it I never liked it so it is sitting in the cupboard. May wrap it up and give it to my mother on Mother’s Day as a treat for her.


And finally (for now anyway) is a Poncho which again I have no idea why I purchased the yarn and knitted it (managed to sell it on Ebay for a profit though). The pattern was a Shimmer one (no 5034) and was knitted in Wendy Shimmer. It looked lovely once I had completed it but was definitely not my style.

I do have more pictures somewhere of items which I have knitted last year (2007) and once I find them I will post them for you to see (better than me gibbering on).

I have some really fun news tomorrow with (hopefully) some pics to go with them.

As for now, Happy Knitting!!!


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