Zwartbles Fleece and Spinning

Here is the fun news I promised you.

After spending a long time washing and carding my very first fleece which was a Zwartbles breed sheep I have finally finished my first skein.

This is how the fleece looks once it was washed and carded and comes out of the bag (a cotton pillowcase).

Zwartbles Carded

I wish I had had the foresight to have taken a pic of the fleece before carding so you will have seen the difference. I promise to do it next time. This pic is a rolag which is basically a piece of the fleece carded on the drum carded and you roll it up into a cigar shape.

Zwartbles Rolag

And this is the final product. It was spun and then two of the ends were plied together. They were then wound into a skein from the bobbin and washed and dried under pressure (put some fishing weights in the bottom to put some tension on it), then finally put into a pretty skein.

Zwartbles First Skein

The skein weighs 85g and is quite thick/thin but am going to knit it up either into a doggie coat or a bag which I will then felt.

All this fun from a cute looking animal. Here is a pic of the said animal.


Thank you Sheppherd for the hours of fun I have had and have got left with the rest of your furry fleece.

If you were ever considering having a go at spinning I would definitely have a go as it is great fun and I have really enjoyed it (although it is tiring).


One thought on “Zwartbles Fleece and Spinning

  1. I’ve just got my first Zwartbles fleece and have skirted it, now soaking some in cold water. Never spun before, but I’m looking forward to trying. 🙂


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