Hubby’s Jumper (Again)

I had an email from Alison at Knit Today giving me the name and email address of a lady at Sirdar (must be the mother company of Sublime, although I thought Sublime was Italian!!!)

After sending the lady called Avril at Sirdar a long email laying out everything which had happened so far I received an email from Ms Clough (the original lady who was dealing with the matter at Sublime) which came from Avril’s email address!!!

Basically she has accepted responsibility so far as offering to replace the yarn (must be the fact that I blatantly stated that if I had knitted it as an order for a customer then I would have had to refund the customer the cost of the yarn and the cost of my time knitting it which would have resulted my being at a considerable lost monetary wise and timewise). :wave:

I am now waiting to receive the yarn and will either knit something else out of it or sell it on Ebay to try and get the money back, I don’t know. Hubby likes the design of the jumper and the colour and feel etc so it may end up being knitted back up to the same jumper.
I am also considering un-ravelling the yarn, tying it into skeins, washing it and weighting it to get out the crimp and trying to re-use it!! Anyone have any experience with doing this???

I will keep you updated on the whole saga.

Just a little note before I finish off for tonight. I made a cute ball band to place on my hand spun Zwartbles yarn and it looks really cute. If I work out how to get a picture of it then I will upload it but at the moment it is in MS Word format.


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