Overdoing Things

Yet again I have overdone things and am aching from head to toe.

It all started with a visit to the doctor’s (a total waste of time), then a 20 min drive to pick up my car from the garage where it has been since Monday getting Mot’ed and a new clutch under the warranty (funny that important things like oil and a seal is not covered under the warranty when they are needed for the clutch). A visit to Tesco’s then followed.

Once back home I pulled out the ironing board and set to work on the big basket of ironing, then did some fleece carding on the drum carder and then washed a very smelly and dirty ewe’s fleece.

What did I do next, well instead of sitting down and relaxing for a couple of hours I decided to steam the squares I had been knitting from “The Art of Knitting” which is a partwork magazine (not that I need to know three-quarters of what they tell me as I already know it).

Amongst all of this I did the washing, looked after three dogs and did the shaping on the knitting machine on the cardigan I am knitting for hubby (which is all done on the garter carriage but I still need to go and increase/decrease every few rows)..

It is no wonder I am aching. Now I am off to make some beans on toast as hubby is working until 9:30pm and I had jacket potato with tuna last night and can’t face it again and don’t really fancy jacket potato with beans.



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