One Down and One to Go

At the beginning of the year I only had a couple of items to complete which I started last year and am now please to annouce I now only have ONE.

I finished the hooded cardigan last night and am doubting whether it will be long enough for my mother to wear but once it is completely dry I will give it a bit of a steam to get it a bit longer. The cardigan does have cables running down either side of the front but I could not get a decent picture with them showing :-/ but here is the pic anyway.

Hooded Cardigan

I also completed the Conwy socks last week and finally got round to taking a pic of them. Again the pattern does not really show very well on them, I think I will have to consider investing in a better camera. I washed the socks on a wool wash and they appear to have felted slightly but they still fit. The ball band of the wool was in some language other than english so could not work out what the yarn was actually called or decipher the washing instructions. Never mind they still fit (just as well I have tiny feet).

Conwy Socks


Naughty and Nice

Whilst going through some pics on hubby’s mobile I came across these two and just had to post them.

The loveable dog in them is my baby Dino and it just shows even a dog can have a Jekyll and Hyde condition.

Here is Dino looking very naughty indeed.


And here is Dino looking very nice and cute.


Let me know what you think!!


Spring Cleaning

Whilst tidying up the dining room this afternoon I came across a box of beaded necklaces which I had made and had not sold.

For a limited time I am going to be offering for sale here at a reduced price (excluding postage) and then will be advertising them on Ebay.

If you want any further information on them you can either leave a comment or email me.

Below are the necklaces up for sale:

The first necklace is in red and black which stands out beautifully and would be quite a talking point at any party. It is 17″ long and is priced at £19.99


This necklace has some really lovely colours in it and shows all the different colours off lovely and in different ways when the light hits it at different angles. The necklace is 19″ long and is priced at £19.99.


This is one of my favourites, it is a lovely necklace with lovely crystal type beads hanging from it. I have named it Orchid and it is 18″ long and is priced at £9.99.


This one is rather festive/fun. I personally think it is cute and is 17″ long and priced at £6.99.


This is a traditional type netted beaded choker and is a 15″ length and is priced at £14.99.


This necklace and earring set is again quite traditional in the gold colour and the matching earrings set it off lovely. The necklace is 20 1/2″ long and the set is priced at £19.99.


All the necklaces come in a silver gift box with a silver bow on top which makes them a perfect gift for mother’s day or as a gift for yourself.

Go on treat that special woman in your life with a one off beautiful fine beaded necklace!!


I Am Legend

I am going to write a small and quick review on “I Am Legend”. It is a brilliant film and Will Smith (Neville) plays his role brilliantly.

The story is based around an airborne virus which has turned averyone (including animals) into zombie type creatures who can only come out in the dark.

Neville was a scientist type person for the army who was working on finding a cure for the virus as he was the only person left along with his dog “Sam”.

The saddest part was when Sam got attacked by an infected pack of dogs whilst protecting his master and Neville had to kill him, I cried my eyes out (yes, I know I am a softy).

Near the end of the film two more survivors (a mother and son) appear and save Neville.

I won’t tell you what happens in the end as I don’t want to ruin the film for you, but what I will say is that only 2 survive!!!

I think the film was brilliant and would definitely recommend it to anyone (even if you don’t really like Will Smith) and everyone (apart from children under 18).

My rating is definitely ***** (5 stars)


What Goes Around Comes Around (or something like that)

The title of this post sums it up for what I want to post in one simple quote, what goes around comes around (something like that anyway).

For those of you who have been following this blog from the beginning may remember the little accident I had a while ago in the local Tesco car park involving a car wing mirror and my front passenger wing. For those of you who don’t remember I will summarise the incident. I drove into a parking space in Tesco car park and managed to knock off and break the catch on a neighbouring car’s wing mirror. At the time I did not know I had done it until I came out of Tesco and there were a couple of people waiting by my car not looking happy and they informed me I had knocked the wing mirror off and there was a mark on my car to prove it (as well as 2 witnesses who must have brilliant eyesight from where they were apparently standing), there were a lot of deep scratches and marks on the wing mirror so had obviously been damaged a lot before I came along. We ended up having to pay for a replacement wing mirror.

From that day to this I still say that her wing mirror was broken before I came along and nudged it otherwise there would have been a lot more damage to my car (there was a slight mark which rubbed off very easily). What made me doubt the matter even more was that over the Christmas period I found out she actually worked for Tesco (was it a coincidence there were 2 witnesses!!) and she was speaking to the girl (whom she had apparently not known) that worked at the garage which dealt with the wing mirror (which we also stupidly paid cash for instead of cheque/card).

As there was not a lot I could do about the matter I had to calm down and put it down to having been conned.

Earlier on this evening hubby telephoned me from work telling me there was a story on the front of the local weekly newspaper about the lady who owned the car, I confirmed that it was her (I won’t mention her name here) and asked why. He then told me she had written off her car after driving home from one night and a man had apparently jumped out in front of her and she spun the car round 360 degrees. I instantly said “what a shame” and thought it is now payback time, what makes the whole incident even sweeter was the fact that her car was only worth around £500 and she cannot afford to buy a new one as her insurance money won’t really fund a new car. This therefore means she has to get the bus to work and from where she lives there are not many buses. She had apparently put a right sob story in the paper.

This story has really re-built my faith in justice (even if it is in a funny little way).

Now I can go to sleep quite happy knowing that revenge can be sweet (even if I don’t actually deal the revenge myself).



You will be pleased to know that Sublime finally sent me the replacement yarn for hubby’s jumper, YYYYAAAAAYYYYYYY :>>

I am so pleased that the dreadful business is now all over as it totally did my head in.

On another knitting note, I have ran out of yarn for the hooded cardigan I have been knitting since 2006/7, I am half way through the hood and don’t have enough to complete it, I am gutted but am searching the web for a ball of Sirdar Sorrento in the Lupin colour, just one measly ball I need and I am having such trouble with it as it got discontinued in 2004 AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH :crazy:

I am still suffering with the Pancreatitis and to top it all off I have found out (mother nature’s way) that I am not pregnant AGAIN 😥 to make it worse I gained half a pound this week but am really hoping that it is due to lovely mother nature.

What else had happened?????? I have completed a sock out of Nancy Bush’s “Knitting On The Road”, it is the Conwy Sock which I chose purely because Conwy is only three quarter of an hour drive away. I am not keen on the pattern now that I have completed one sock but have cast on straight away for the second one before I get the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome.

We had our Cavity Wall Insulation done yesterday and it really does not make sense as after filling all the wall cavities with the foam etc they then go and drill a large hole in the wall and put a vent on it which creates one dreadful draught which defeats the whole idea of draughtproofing the house. My father is coming at the weekend to sort it ou by putting a vent which you can close off when we don’t have the coal fire lit and then open it when the coal fire is lit, also he said that he will try and fit the remaining UPVC windows that we have had since October 2007 so hopefully that will keep even more heat it.

I think that is about it for now, still no comments :**: am I the only one reading this, pleae please please let me know as at the moment I am beginning to see no point in writing if hubby and I are the only ones reading my ramblings, so please leave a comment even if it is only to say I am boring :yawn:



The Art Of Knitting

You will all be glad to know that I am feeling a bit better and spent the afternoon sewing up my squares that I have knitted for the “Art of Knitting” magazine which I have been collecting.

I thought you may like to see the four finished pieces, they are 3 x 3 squares each and each square measures approx 15cm x 15cm. I believe there will be a few more squares to sew up so I will post them as I complete them and then the final blanket once it is completed.





I haven’t been getting much reader feedback and was wondering whether anyone was actually reading this apart from my hubby (he has subscribed so he gets emailed everytime I post so he doesn’t miss anything). All comments I have received I have read and upto now have not found a way to email you direct to thank you, so come on everyone let me know what you think, what you want and what you don’t want.