You will be pleased to know that Sublime finally sent me the replacement yarn for hubby’s jumper, YYYYAAAAAYYYYYYY :>>

I am so pleased that the dreadful business is now all over as it totally did my head in.

On another knitting note, I have ran out of yarn for the hooded cardigan I have been knitting since 2006/7, I am half way through the hood and don’t have enough to complete it, I am gutted but am searching the web for a ball of Sirdar Sorrento in the Lupin colour, just one measly ball I need and I am having such trouble with it as it got discontinued in 2004 AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH :crazy:

I am still suffering with the Pancreatitis and to top it all off I have found out (mother nature’s way) that I am not pregnant AGAIN 😥 to make it worse I gained half a pound this week but am really hoping that it is due to lovely mother nature.

What else had happened?????? I have completed a sock out of Nancy Bush’s “Knitting On The Road”, it is the Conwy Sock which I chose purely because Conwy is only three quarter of an hour drive away. I am not keen on the pattern now that I have completed one sock but have cast on straight away for the second one before I get the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome.

We had our Cavity Wall Insulation done yesterday and it really does not make sense as after filling all the wall cavities with the foam etc they then go and drill a large hole in the wall and put a vent on it which creates one dreadful draught which defeats the whole idea of draughtproofing the house. My father is coming at the weekend to sort it ou by putting a vent which you can close off when we don’t have the coal fire lit and then open it when the coal fire is lit, also he said that he will try and fit the remaining UPVC windows that we have had since October 2007 so hopefully that will keep even more heat it.

I think that is about it for now, still no comments :**: am I the only one reading this, pleae please please let me know as at the moment I am beginning to see no point in writing if hubby and I are the only ones reading my ramblings, so please leave a comment even if it is only to say I am boring :yawn:



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