One Down and One to Go

At the beginning of the year I only had a couple of items to complete which I started last year and am now please to annouce I now only have ONE.

I finished the hooded cardigan last night and am doubting whether it will be long enough for my mother to wear but once it is completely dry I will give it a bit of a steam to get it a bit longer. The cardigan does have cables running down either side of the front but I could not get a decent picture with them showing :-/ but here is the pic anyway.

Hooded Cardigan

I also completed the Conwy socks last week and finally got round to taking a pic of them. Again the pattern does not really show very well on them, I think I will have to consider investing in a better camera. I washed the socks on a wool wash and they appear to have felted slightly but they still fit. The ball band of the wool was in some language other than english so could not work out what the yarn was actually called or decipher the washing instructions. Never mind they still fit (just as well I have tiny feet).

Conwy Socks


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