Knitting, Beading, Crocheting and Tatting

The past week has been spent sorting out books and folders ready to put them back on my new bookshelves. I am an avid reader and my books tend to come in four categories:

Stephen King
Crafting (knitting, beading, tatting, crocheting etc)

I have a lot of books, magazines and the like so I am still in the process of going through a pile of folders which are still scattered around my bedroom floor :crazy:

Whilst going through some of the folders I came across some pictures of baby garments which I knitted over ten years ago and couldn’t believe some of the intricate patterns I had knitted into the cardigans etc.

I also came across loads of books on beading, crocheting and even tatting. Now beading and crocheting is no problem to me but tatting did beat me. I could get the knots fine but they were not the correct knots and they were not in the correct places :??:

Going through the books pricked my curiosity on how much I would remember if I picked up the beading needles again or even the crochet needles. I have a beaded necklace which I started a few years ago and never completed so maybe I will dig it out and complete it. I also purchased some crochet cotton a fair few years ago to crochet a circular tablecloth, perhaps I will dig that out and have a go!!! B)

You might be wondering why I am up so late, the reason is that yet again I have an upset stomach and am feeling really lousy. The flu which had me bedridden most of last week is still lurking and again is making me feel equally lousy. I am waiting for my “Nytol” to kick in along with the “Imodium” and the “Metoclopramide”, yes I know I sound like a chemist but believe me these things are what makes my life that little bit more bearable. :**:

I have been working on hubby’s jumper the past few weeks as I want to finish it for his Birthday in April. I have completed the back and am now upto the neck opening on the front. It is made out of “Sirdar Denim Sport Aran” in “Shade 502” which is a denim type shade. The pattern is from January 2008 Knit Today Issue and is entitled “Denim Stripe”, it is a 9×1 rib and looks quite good.

If I am feeling upto it tomorrow I will scan in the pics of the baby garments I have found and the pic of the jumper I am knitting.

Until then I am off to sleep :zz:



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