This is a quick post as I forgot to mention that I am now on “Ravelry” and also “Flickr”.

You will find me as “Knitterscarlet” on both.

For those of you who are not sure what “Ravelry” or “Flickr” are “Ravelry” is for knitters and is brilliant. It is a real Knitting Online Community. You can list your knitting stash, including needles, books, patterns etc and also what projects are WIP (work in progress) or completed, or even if they are queued. “Flickr” is a site which will host your pics for everyone to see. I have just posted the pics which are needed for my Ravelry account as I tend to post the majority of them here for everyone to see.

For those of you who come and check my blog regularly did you know that you can subscribe which will send you an email every time I post (hubby finds it really useful as he can keep tabs on when I post LOL). It will also be a good way of my finding out how popular I am as at the moment I only have one subscriber and that is hubby.

I am definitely off to sleep now.



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