Quick Update

Sorry for not being around much I had a family emergency last week and things have been hectic ever since.

I finally finished the jumper for hubby and the good news is that it fits him perfectly, even the zip came out good. I will take pictures of it when I get a chance and will post them for you to see.

We went out for a meal on Saturday for hubby’s birthday, it was really nice, my parents and sister came with us and we all had a good time.

We all put money towards getting him a Nintendo WII which luckily he loved so all day Sunday was spent playing with it. I would recommend it to everyone as it is really fun. We played the tennis and bowls and was surprised how tiring it was to play them, I can’t wait until the WII FIT comes out at the end of the month as it looks really good.

I have cast on for the Stitch Diva Bellcoq Stockings. I had a lot of problems with the provisional cast on, but finally succeeded and have cast on both stockings so that I can work them at the same time to ensure they both end up the same length (plus there will be no second sock syndrome). I am knitting the thigh high stockings so am in a bit of a rush as I want to get them completed by my wedding anniversary along with the lingerie set I want to knit to go with them. It is the first time I have knitted from charts and it is pretty difficult (the lace doesn’t make it any easier), I have completed the short rows toes and the first repeat of the vine pattern.

UHMMM what else has happened!!! Dino seems to have gotten over his teething, although he was a bit fussy with his food tonight, but with some encouragement he ate it all.

I have finally finished my Easter Egg and am going to keep the fancy cardboard (very thick cardboard) box to store my sexy lingerie and stockings set in.

I’ll post the pictures of the meal and the jumper etc over the next few days.



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