Hubby’s Birthday

As promised here are some pics of hubby’s birthday last weekend.

Kev 2


What do you think of his jumper?? It is a shame the ribbed pattern didn’t come out very well on the pictures but doesn’t it look great and it even fits him like a glove.

We all had a lovely meal out as you can tell from the pics of my mum and dad and little sis.

Mum and Dad


This is a pic of hubby in action practising his golfing moves on the Nintendo WII, he was horrified that I had caught him on camera!!

Kev Birthday 2008

And finally the happy couple, I usually hate having my picture taken as I always look a mess, but this one came out quite well (even though we had a couple of practise shots beforehand as hubby kept blinking everytime the photo was taken).

Kev Birthday 2008

Over the next couple of days I will try and take some pics of my WIP (Work In Progress) on the Bellocq Stockings. After making great progress yesterday I was quite dismayed when I picked them up tonight and noticed I had dropped a stitch in the middle of the lace pattern on one stocking so decided to unravel it to the plain Stocking Stitch of the toe, but alas I could not pick up the stitches (yes I know I should have had a safety line, a valuable lesson learnt, I will make sure I do in future). The 100% Silk is lovely to knit with but a nightmare when you have to pick stitches up. Sooooo I’m gonna have to start from scratch and this includes the dreaded Provisional Cast On, AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!

Oh well, I think I will leave it for tonight and go to bed as I am shattered, played on the Nintendo WII earlier for an hour, it is really hard work (we were playing Mario and Sonic Olympic Games) and by the time I had finished playing I felt like I had actually taken part in the Olympics LOL.

Until next time, :wave:


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