Bellocq Stockings Update

As promised I have taken pics of my WIP (work in progress) on the Bellocq Stockings.

They are being made in Debbie Bliss’ 100% Pure Silk. I love this yarn but having to re-ball it from the skeins is a pain in the backside,

100% Silk by Debbie Bliss

I had problems with the Provisional Cast On (I’ve never done a Provisional Cast On before), but the short row toes were a lot simpler.


This is the Vine Pattern which is not as easy. I have never used charts before and the whole pair of stockings is done using lace charts, so I am on a steep learning curve.


I have decided to knit both stockings at the same time to avoid the dreaded second sock syndrome, all was going well until I checked the one stocking and noticed I had dropped a stitch in the middle of the lace, so I am now back to having one stocking completed upto the first vine pattern repeat and the second stocking completed up to the end of the short row toe.

More pics to come as I make progress.


One thought on “Bellocq Stockings Update

  1. you //are// clever……I am very envious of your skill. I have huge trouble understanding knitting patterns…..:( ah well. I’ll just have to stick to my wood carving….I can knit pretty flowers though 🙂 I do that when I have an urge to knit. Dont know what to do with them though. should sew them onto a cardigan or scarf or something I suppose….

    Lovely colour purple….gorgeous….yumm….


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