Carding Fleeces

The past couple of days I have been busy with carding some fleeces on my drum carder.

I carded the Jacob yesterday and it took all afternoon as it was a nightmare. I don’t know whether it was because of a lot of second cuts in the fleece or whether the fleece was supposed to be like it but it was all bitty. I had to really persevere to complete the carding as I really just wanted to throw it all away, but after a fair few hours of sitting watching tv I finally completed the fleece.

Jacob Fleece

The Texel fleece which I carded this evening was a joy to card and it only took me an hour. It came out really light and fluffy so should be a joy to dye and spin.

Texel Fleece

I am hoping to dye the Texel pretty soon as I have all the dyeing colours etc and just have to find a large stock pot to dye it in. I don’t really have any large pans (there is only hubby and I to cook for) and the stock pots I have seen are over £30 which seems a lot to spend on something just to dye with. I really, really want to begin dyeing so if you have any ideas on where to get a pot from please let me know.

I’d like to thank my darling hubby for cleaning the drum carded (twice) after finishing carding the Texel and the Jacob. He did a really good job and from now on that will remain his job :))


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