Dyeing Fleeces Part 2

The past few days have been awful. Not only have I had to put up with knowing I am not pregnant but have had the heaviest period ever and now am well and truly fed up. Yesterday was spent crying and being doped up on painkillers trying to deaden the pain, by last night I was so depressed I just came up to bed.

Today has been a bit better, I decided to throw myself into dyeing some more fleece. You will be glad to know I had a success, I decided what the heck and put 50g of fleece and 6g of dye into the pot with some white vinegar and let it simmer for an hour!! What do you know, it worked, so I successfully dyed 300g of fleece, 100g in Moss, 100g in Coral and 100g in Slate.

The colours are below in the shade chart which I got from Forest Fibres.

Forest Fibres

I also hand carded the Turquoise which I dyed the other day and it has come out lovely and soft and a lovely colour.

All I need now is the energy to sit down and finish spinning the Zwartbles fleece so that I can have fun spinning this dyed fleece.


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