Life Just Keeps On Kicking You When You’re Down

Why does life keep on kicking you when you are down?????

After another stressful weekend (am I miscarrying or is it just a reall really heavy period!!!) I had hoped things would get better, but oh no, why should it!!!

After having a pretty lousy night’s sleep I decided to go golfing this afternoon with hubby, I knew this was going to be a stupid idea as I was still getting period pains and I was tired, but I thought some exercise might help, so off we went.

The first couple of holes in RAF Valley weren’t too bad, then my wrist/thumb on my right hand began hurting, a lot. I knew that this was due to the carding of some fleeces at the weekend and then the lousy golf shots I was making (hitting the ground before hitting the ball) was the reason it was hurting again (the dr had said RSI would re-occur). But, I soldiered on up until around 100yards away from the 9th putting green, where hubby said enough was enough as the tears were streaming down my face with pain. So off I went watching hubby putt and away home we went.

Well, when I say away home, we had to make a stop at my parents to drop off my dad’s new laptop and that is when I realised my bracelet was missing. Now I thought of the obvious, when I had taken my golf glove off on the 9th tee to check out my hand it had possibly fallen off, or on the last shot it had fallen off when I took my glove off, so off we went back to the RAF base to have a scout around the 9th.

After an hour of searching there was no luck, so I thought perhaps it had fallen off during the night in bed as I could not really remember when I last saw it on my wrist and just assumed it had fallen off on the golf course.

We dashed home and I had a scout around but oh no why should life be kind to me, there was no sign of my precious gold bracelet which hubby had bought me a few years ago. I was and still am devastated. I knew it had gotten a bit big for me so had altered the catch to close on one of the smaller loops and had checked it was still the correct size a few weeks ago when we went out for a meal for hubby’s birthday, but obviously it was still too big.

This is one bad side effect of losing weight, my watches are too big, my wedding ring is getting a bit big and all my clothes are getting too big. In saying this the inches are coming off but not the pounds which is what I really need to lose otherwise no IVF on the NHS in May.

I am so depressed and everytime I think of my beloved bracelet I start crying, all I can think is when did I last remember seeing the bracelet on my wrist???

Whilst looking for the bracelet in the bedroom I somehow managed to hurt my neck as well so am well and truly injured and just want to go to sleep and hope that my bracelet mysteriously re-appears tomorrow.

Wish me luck!!!


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