Little Sis’s 27th Birthday

I have finally completed the Lace Sampler Scarf which I have been knitting since last year in the Rowan Kidsilk Haze. It was a nightmare pattern and was so intricate.

Once I had finished knitting it I was handwashed it and blocked it out, as it was blocked out my little sis turned up and fell in love with it, but I said no she couldn’t have it as I was going to sell it to recoup the cost of the yarn (2 balls).

As she has been quite down lately I thought I would surprise her with it and presented it to her at her birthday meal last night (all I have to do now is get a pic of it on her).

Lace Sampler Scarf

As you can tell from the pic it is rather on the long side and I had to stand on a chair to take the pic to ensure I got all of it in the picture.

Here we are the terrible trio.

terrible trio

My parents made themselves at home in the comfy chairs.

My dad

My mum

My mum looking as if she is paying attention to my dad.

My parents

These are the real terrible trio.

Terrible trio part 2

My little sis trying to act posh ready for Chester Races in July.

Posh Spice

Still acting posh

Once we had finished the meal my little sis decided it would be a good idea to go for a drink round town. Now bearing in mind I don’t really drink (the odd glass of wine at the weekend) and we had drank a bottle of champagne between us and a Smirnoff Ice each I was starting to feel a bit on the tiddly side. But as it was her birthday I went along with her.

A couple of cherry brandies and southern comforts later and of course not forgetting the sambucca, this is what we looked like.

Having fun

And a few more drinks later my little sis decided she could pose like Victoria Beckham as well as looking like her.


Whilst we were out I bumped into a few mates from Primary School whom I hadn’t seen since I left Secondary School. It is really strange that they recognised me straight away but it took me a fair few hours to remember them and that was after getting their first names and finally their surnames. Why do men change so much but us ladies stay the same???

Around 2 o’clock I was ready for my bed and came home. Today I have been feeling slightly worse for wear and am not sure whether it is a hangover (no headache) or just my Pancreas acting up.

I think I will call it a Pancreas flare up for arguments sake, although everyone else calls it a hangover :))


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