Baby Clothes

Over the past week I have been thinking a lot about the box of baby clothes which I had handknitted over 5 years ago.

When we first trying for a baby I got really excited and started knitting cute baby clothes. After a few months I stopped and then everytime I was pretty sure I was pregnant I would start again and then keep them. I finally stopped knitting the baby clothes when I had my third miscarriage and put them away in a box in the attic.

Today I decided to pull them down and list them on Ebay, but I couldn’t do it. I took all the pictures and have even gotten as far as choosing the good pictures of each garment and loaded them onto the computer. I still can’t do it. I have ended up not listing them, I just can’t sell them or give them away (although 5 years ago I did give some away to the premature baby unit at my local hospital).

I have uploaded the pictures of the garments and they are below for you all to see as it is a shame for them to be hidden away in the attic.








I’m not sure where this jumper came from, it is made for a 3/4 year old!!!






As you can see I spent a lot of work on these garments and really wish I could sell/give them away so that some lucky little baby could be kept warm in them, but I can’t.

I guess it is because I made them each time I thought I would have someone to put in them, but it has never happened.

Just before my second miscarriage I knitted a christening gown (this is how certain I was at the time) and included a christening shawl (I have used the christening shawl as a throw on the couch).

Below are two pictures of the gown, although the first is a bit dark it shows the lace pattern, but the second picture shows the overall gown.

Christening Gown

Christening Gown (2)

I guess the garments are destined to go back in their box in the attic as I am not strong enough to get rid of them yet, perhaps I will be one day!!


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