Wii Fit

Today has been a very exhausting day. “Why??” I hear you ask. The reason is that I decided to play on the Wii Fit.

The past few times I have played on it I have had various incorrect weight measurements and BMI measurements. The first made me a stone lighter and BMI was accordingly. It also made my sister and hubby and stone lighter each.

A couple of days ago I went on it and it informed me that I had lost 13lbs on two days!!!! and again the BMI was accordingly.

Today I had had enough and decided to place the Wii Fit Board on the tiled hearth to try and get an accurate measurement, it worked it made me the correct weight and informed me that in an hour I had managed to gain 2 stone. :))

So now I am going to have to either try and get the extension feet or lay laminate flooring in my lounge (if you knew the size of my lounge you would know how daunting a task it would be and costly). Alternatively I have asked my father if he had some wooden board the same size as the Wii Fit Board to try solve the problem cheaply.

The reason I was exhausted on it was that I decided to try the jogging part of it. I have never jogged in my whole life. 😮

My sister’s effort level was recorded as being 42% and hubby’s was 40%, after the five minute jogging session (it felt more like five hours)I was exhausted and collapsed in a pile on the floor with my little doggy Dino trying to give me the kiss of life. For my efforts it announced my effort level was 113%, YIPPEE!!!!!!

I immediately texted my sister and she would not believe me and then told hubby who also wouldn’t believe me. I have offered my little sis a rematch but she said she was too tired as she had been out clubbing last night.

Once hubby got home from work he immediately got weighed (on the tiled hearth of course!!) and got jogging. His efforts were rewarded with a level of 115%. All we need now is my little sis to come for a rematch.

Wii Fit Jogging

This evening I spent designing and working out a pattern for a machine knitting order which I was supposed to have started on Tuesday (but I was in bed all week with Pancreatitis so never got started on it). I had forgotten how much fun and frustration it could be. :crazy:

I will of course post pics of the finished garment.

As for now I am off to sleep ready to beat hubby’s score tomorrow.



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