Golfing, Knitting and Everything Else in Between

Yesterday, despite the heat (31 degrees Celsius), I went golfing with hubby. It wasn’t the best idea we’ve had but we still went. It was roasting and I was well and truly cooked by the time we finished, so much so that I was sunburnt (arms, face and chest) and suffered mild heatstroke (despite having a baseball cap on). We both played pretty dismally. I managed to nearly kill hubby (I hit a golf ball and if he hadn’t been ducking down behind my cart I would have hit him in the head 😳 ) Hubby managed to lose his ball and then found it under the wheel of his cart :crazy: . The usual “perv” was there, perving on my boobs (I can’t help they are large and my “Ping” t-shirt enhanced them). By the time we got home I felt quite ill and just collapsed on the sofa.

Since the weather was so nice today we decided to go upto Broughton in Chester to try and get me a “skort” (a skirt with a pair of shorts underneath for golfing), I got two pairs, one was pink and one was lilac (both size 12 :DD ), my darling hubby bought me one pair and I got the other as I couldn’t decide which pair to buy. We then went to the Greyhound Retail Park and hubby bought a pair of golfing trousers and I bought a couple of really nice golfing t-shirts to go with my new skorts.

We are planning on going golfing again on Saturday and have invited my father and little sister to come with us, so hopefully we will both play better.

Whilst we were at the Retail Park I visited “Hobbycraft” and hubby came with me to supervise (I tend to go mad at the sight of yarn). I was really restrained and only purchased a circular needle ready for the “Goddess Knits Anniversary Mystery Shawl KAL”. I have already ordered some lace weight pure silk from Uppingham Yarns so will be all set to start once it get started in June.

On the subject of knitting, my “Romantic Hand Knits” book by “Annie Modesitt” arrived today and I have fallen in love, there are so many lovely things to knit in it.

romantic hand knits

There is something for everyone (as long as you are female) in it. There are lovely lacy dresses, shawls, hats and everything in between. I would highly recommend you purchasing this book as I have queued several garments from it to knit (once I get the time).

I have not really worked on my “Stitch Diva Bellocq Stockings”, but have knitted the back of my french knickers from “Knit Today” and have cast on for the front. I knitted the back quite quickly and the front is going just as quick so hopefully I will be completed by the end of next week (only the camisole to knit then).

This year I have decided against going to the “Bury Machine Knitting Show”. The last time I went I was really disappointed and as I am doing more hand knitting than machine knitting we are not going to go. As I haven’t been to a Knitting Show in eighteen months hubby has agreed to take me to “Woolfest 2008” in Cumbria on the 28th of June, so am really looking forward to it. I will no doubt be coming home with a boot full of fleece instead of yarn 😉 .

Finally I have successfully knitted the front and back of the jumper I was designing and it is the identical size as the original one, so here’s hoping it continues knitting up as the same size. I have taken a couple of days break from it as it is hot work machine knitting it in this weather but will have it completed by the end of next week (that is the deadline). I hope my customer will be as happy with it as I am.

Well that is about it for now, I am off to finish reading the “Romantic Hand Knits” book and trying to refrain from sending for the yarn for it as I have enough projects on the go at the moment.

Hope you are all joying the nice weather and remember to use sun cream as that sun is really hot and there is nothing like being sunburnt!!


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