IVF Information Evening

Well, the day has finally arrived, the IVF Information Evening in Liverpool is tonight and I have managed to stress myself out so much I have brought on a Pancreatits attack and a Migraine attack. I had a Migraine all day yesterday and had really hoped that it would have gone by today, but nope it hasn’t.

At this moment in time I am tucked up in bed waiting for her painkillers and Migraine tablets to kick in and am stressing out even more now.

Hubby has said that if I am not well then we won’t go… but if we don’t go then our names will be taken off of the list and no IVF!!!!

I feel like everything is against me and that I will never have a baby of my own!!

I don’t know why I am so stressed out as tonight is just an information evening, I guess it is because I know I haven’t lost all of the weight that I needed to, I have tried my hardest but it still isn’t good enough, nothing I do seems to be good enough!!!

All I want to do is go to sleep and not wake up until I am pregnant, I don’t think I am brave enough to go through IVF, the thought of all the drugs and injections is enough to put anyone off, but having to try and cope with them as well as my existing medical conditions feels like too much.

Ohhhhh, what should I do????

I am sitting here all on my own as hubby had to go into work and I know he is in a bad mood with me for stressing myself so much and making myself ill, but I can’t help it, I wish I could but I can’t!!!

I just want someone to give me a big hug and reassure me that everything will be okay and there is nothing to be worried about…….


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