Should I Stay Or Should I Go!!

As you can tell from the title, I have had enough of my marriage. No matter what I do it is not good enough and I am fed up of having the silent treatment for something which is totally out of my control.

The latest is because I am not well, how can I control how I feel?? I woke up with a terrible migraine and period pains (whenever I have period pains a migraine is soon to follow), did I get hugs and kisses off of my hubby, no, what I got was nasty comments and the silent treatment.

This has been ongoing for the past few weeks and now I have had enough. I am feeling crap that I am not pregnant again and really do not need this off of him. He is my husband, he should be looking after me and trying to make me feel better, but oh no, why should I get love and affection, I am only his wife!!

AAAARRRGGGGHHHH!! If I had somewhere to go I would have packed up and left this afternoon, that is how bad it has got.

All this is happening and he expects me to go through IVF, at the moment he has no chance as I have no intentions of going through it when I know the same thing will happen when I get the lousy side effects and I am feeling crap.

What really bugs me is if any member of his family is ill, he makes such a big thing about it.

I thought this venting may make me feel better but it hasn’t, I thought it may clarify things for me, but it hasn’t. What do I do?? Do I give up on my 11 year marriage or do I try and stick it out???

I really hope hubby reads this as then maybe he will realise how close he is to losing me (for good).

As for now, I guess I will have to keep trying to figure out what I want to do, but for now the IVF is definitely off!!


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