Knitting Projects Update

Finally, here are the pics of my latest knitting projects which I promised you.

These are the French Knickers which will go with the Bellocq Stockings for my Wedding Anniversary. They are made in 100% Pure Silk and are gorgeous (note to myself, in future don’t machine wash them as they come out very furry looking rather than smooth like silk). If I was to remake them I would make them slightly longer so that they would cover my bum more.

French Knickers

These are a fun pair of slippers which I made from the new knitting magazine which is out called “Let’s Knit”. It is a brilliant magazine with loads of trendy knitting patterns to make.
Twinkle Toes

And finally, this is the machine knitted jumper I made for the latest order I received. I am still not sure about the neck, the customer stated a cross between a polo neck and a cowl neck. The polo neck wouldn’t have stood up correctly, so went for the shallow cowl neck, I hope the customer is happy with it as there was a lot of work in it as I had to write the pattern myself and struggled to get the width on my knitting machine as I was limited to the 200 needles and had to knit it on Tension 10.. to get the maximum width (just about got there). I have yet to send the jumper out as with one thing and another I haben’t been able to get to the post office, but will be posting it in the morning so will let you know whether she likes it or not (I hope she does as I haven’t been paid for it yet). The picture is not a very good one as it is navy and a dark colour is never very good for taking pictures.

Large Jumper

I am off to see “Sex and the City” tomorrow night with my little sis, so will post a review on it over the weekend, it is not really my type of film but my sister wants to see it and hasn’t got anyone else to go with.


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