Woolfest 2008 (Part One)

:zz: After a loooonnng weekend I am finally back home. What a weekend it has been!!!

It took us 4.5 hours to get to Whitehaven which is where our hotel was and we were both worn out, the weather had been dreadful driving down, so we had something to eat and then went to bed for an early night.

Saturday started with some sun and was reasonably warm. After breakfast we set off for our ten minute journey to Woolfest 2008 which was in Cockermouth. We were both dreading the parking and the queues and as we had never been before we weren’t too sure whether it was an outside show or inside show. We were relieved to see that it was definitely all inside.



Once we got our bearings we found the cute animals, the angora rabbits were really adorable and if I had the chance I would definitely get one (just have to convince hubby!!!)


The sheep were also really cute and adorable…




Some more than others :DD



As you can tell, I found my favourite, and he/she was obviously quite imressed with me :yes:



This little beauty had trouble getting the straw out of the rack, so I gave him/her a helping hand B)




The Alpacas were beautiful and so graceful. It was amazing to see how they looked with and without their coats. You would never think they were the same animal and I felt quite sorry for them without their big fluffy fleeces 🙂





We both enjoyed ourselves and I was really pleased I had worn my trainers and comfy clothing.



One of the last things we saw was the Sheep Demonstration and it was really interesting hearing all the facts about the various breeds.



One of the highlights of the show was the toy sheep auction which was for charity. Some of the sheep were really cute and had obviously had a lot of work spent on them. There were even a couple from the USA and a couple of them went for over £50 each. They raised over a £1,000 in total. :p

I will definitely be going back next year…. I have lots of other photos and things to say about my weekend, but have to go to sleep as I am really worn out, :yawn: sooooo I will post a further two parts over the next couple of days, the second part will be about the sights etc and the third day will be the finale of the weekend as I will be posting pics of the lovely rovings etc I bought.

Until then :wave:


Good News and Bad News

Oh what a strange couple of days I have had.

Everything was going well until last night and I got home from my knitting group. Hubby met me at the door when I got home and told me my mother had phoned to tell me that her little Yorki had had to go to the vets as he was having trouble breathing. The outcome is that he has an enlarged heart, fluid on his lungs and had nearly gone blind in one eye. I immediately telephoned them to see how he was and I spoke to my little sis as my father was upset. She told me that he was not too good and the vets had given him a multitude of tablets and injections to see if he improved, if he didn’t improve then there was not much that could be done about it. He is 9 years old so is a good age for a little dog.

He is so cute and adorable and loves his little teddies, so I went out this afternoon and bought him a cute little pink teddy with two squeakers in it.

Hubby and I had decided to go and purchase a new printer as our old one was acting up, so we went to PC World and bought one. Just as we were going to pay my mobile rang, it was my sister, she had just got to my parents and Jamie (the cute little yorkie) had disappeared. This was really strange as there was no way of him getting out of the garden. I told her to get my father to have a good luck in the garage in case he had gone in there to die. She was distraught and I was annoyed that they had even let him out in the terrible weather we had had all day, and to make matters worse, her jack russell was also in the garden with him and he always hambugs Jamie.

Just as we were on the way there I had another phone call, my brother had apparently gone there and as Jamie was soaked through (my sister’s jack russell had not let Jamie in the garage all day) had taken him home with him. I was really annoyed that he had not left a note saying that he had taken Jamie home and had put us all through the worry of thinking he had curled up somewhere dry and warm to die.

I was so relieved to see him when I got there that I gave him a big hug and kisses. As you can tell from the pictures below he loved his new toy and he would not leave it alone for one second LOL.

Jamie (1)

Jamie (2)

The good news is that hubby and I are setting off tomorrow )Friday) for Woolfest 2008. I am really excited and have printed off the Programme for the show in preparation and will study it tomorrow evening when we are at the hotel and decide which stalls I definitely have to visit.

My camera is charged and I am all set (apart from the packing as it was really late on us getting home and we have been playing with the printer, it is really good as it is now wireless so no more having to get up and plug the laptop into the printer).

I will of course post all the pictures and let you know how it went when I get back.


KAL’s Clue 2 Update

After a lot of thought I decided to make the leg of my Goddess Knits Mystery Sock longer, so knitted another 4 repeats of the pattern. I think it looks a lot better now, what do you think???

GoddessKnits Mystery Sock KAL (2)

Clue 2 came out on Saturday and last night I worked for a couple of hours and completed it. The “heel flap” looks awful long, but I will wait and see how it looks once I have completed the heel.

GoddessKnits Mystery Sock KAL Clue 2

Whilst I am waiting for Clue 3 to come out I have decided to cast on and knit the second sock up to turning the heel, so that I don’t get the dreaded second sock syndrome.

On Friday I will be going away and I am beginning to get excited about going to Woolfest on Saturday. I have made a list of things I want to purchase, and as I have never been to something like this before I am hoping to come home with a lot of goodies.

I am going to take my camera with me in the hope to get some pictures to post here to show you all what it was like.

If you have been to Woolfest in previous years, leave a comment and let me know what to expect!! :wave:


KAL’s Update

The past couple of days I have been busy concentrating on getting the first clue’s completed for the KAL’s I am taking part in.

The first KAL was the “Goddess Knits Anniversary Mystery Shawl KAL” and I chose chart C.

I am quite happy with the results (it took me many hours of unravelling and starting again to get it completed). The only part I am not happy with is where the joins are between the dpn’s (double pointed needles). I am really hoping I will be able to sort it out once the shawl is completed and blocked as I am now onto circular needles.

Mystery Shawl KAL 1

The second KAL is the “Goddess Knits Mystery Sock KAL” and again I completed clue 1. You can’t really see the cable pattern and I have only knitted an inch for the leg as I am unsure what Clue 2 is, so will knit some more on the leg if needs be once I find out what clue 2 is as it told you to knit 1 inch or upto desired length!!

Mystery Sock KAL 1

One of the other KAL’s I joined was the “One Skein KAL” and I successfully completed the needle case and am really pleased with it. On the pattern it stated that you needed 2 50g balls, but it came out under one 50g ball, so I could’ve used one of the many part used balls I had rather than having to open a brand new ball.

Case In Point 1

Case In Point 2

Once I have completed clue 2 of the Goddess Knits KAL’s I will post pictures and will of course let you know how I get on with them!!


The Past Has Come and Bit Me On The Behind

Why is it the past always comes back and haunts you???

There is one part of my past I have tried really hard to try and forget about.

When I was 18 I got engaged to a lad I was courting. He was a real mummy’s boy and was very possessive and a control freak. It was not a healthy relationship for me to be in as at times he was violent and played mind games with me. It took me a long time to pluck up the courage to leave him.

There is one time which really sticks in my mind and still affects me to this day. The time I am talking about is one evening when I had arranged to go out with a friend of mine but her father who was supposed to be looking after her children had to go to a darts match so we decided to stay in and watch some tv instead. Around 10.30pm she received a phone call asking her to go and pick her father up from the pub and as I was borrowing her brother’s car whilst he fixed mine (her father was also fixing it for me and for free) I said I would go and pick him up. The pub was around a half hour round trip (she lived in the middle of nowhere) so I set off and picked him up. He was rather worse for wear as they had won the darts match and had been celebrating, so I drove him back home and went in for a quick cuppa before heading off home myself.

My friends father was in his sixties and was really kind and old fashioned so he walked me to my car to make sure I was ok, he helped me with my seatbelt and gave me a peck on the cheek to say thank you for picking him up (his daughter was in fits of laughter in the doorway as he was staggering about) and I drove off.

As I was driving along I noticed a car behind me flashing its lights and beeping its horn, so I tried to ignore it. As I had around a twenty minutes drive to get home as I was getting concerned about the car behind I turned off into a small housing estate and stopped in front of some houses which had streetlights and pretended to be looking in my bag for keys etc thinking the car would drive off.

The next thing I saw was the lad I was engaged to staring at me through the window so I opened the car relieved to see him, this was a big mistake. He had foolishly got into his head that I had been out for the evening with my friends father and was having an affair with him (he had followed me and saw my friends father helping me to the car). I tried to explain that I had stayed in with my friend and watched tv and had only gone to pick my friends father up from the pub as a favour but he would not have it.

He dragged me out of the car and that is when I realised his brother and his friend were the other ones in the car and they then decided I deserved a beating for being (according to them) unfaithful. They would not listen to me and continued kicking me whilst I was curled up in a ball on the floor. At the earliest opportunity I managed to get up and dash to the car and drove off at high speed back to my friends house.

Once I got there I beeped the horn until my friends father came out and then went straight into the house with him. I explained to my friend and her father what had happened and at that moment we heard a car pull up outside. My friends father went outside and confronted them and at that point someone phoned the police as a police car turned up.

Once I explained to the policeman what had happened I had thought things would be okay, but the policeman implied that I had deserved what I had got if I was unfaithful, to which I just sat stunned. The only good thing was that the police car followed the three lunatics home so that I could drive home myself safely.

I was totally distraught by the time I got home, but managed to clean myself up and covered the bruises up the next day with make-up (I had gotten the knack of covering bruises up really well). This event had made me decide that I had to get out of the relationship as soon as I could as I could not live with it any longer and I was frightened for my life. I soon realised how lucky I was to have been alive.

All the time I was with him he continually told me that if he couldn’t have me no-one would. I was terrified of being out on my own in the evening and too this day I do not like driving the same route I had that night, especially in the evening.

Once I had plucked up the courage to leave him things took a turn for the worse as he began stalking me. My father tried to speak to him but it did not make any difference, and after what had happened with the police I knew I couldn’t rely on them to do anything to help me.

Around 6 months after leaving him, I decided to leave home and moved into a flat on my own in the hope that he would not know where I lived. He soon found me and broke into my car and stole all of my cassettes from it. He would follow me everywhere I went. At one point I had to have a male friend of mine to come in the car with me if I was going out alone as I was terrified of what he would do. During this period of my life I was on anti-depressants and on a few occassions I took more tablets than I was supposed to in the hope that I would not wake up in the morning as I could not face my life anymore.

Finally, I had had enough and I knew the only way he would leave me alone was if I arranged for some male friends of mine to have a word with him. This appeared to work as I did not see much of him after that (to this day I still don’t know what they said/did to make him leave me alone).

To this day I get paranoid if a car appears to be following me. If I am out in the evening on my own I ensure my car doors are locked and my hubby knows where I am and around what time I will be back.

A few years ago I saw him down the road from where I live and I totally freaked out, for many months I was terrified in case it all started again.

I have grown up and lot since all this happened and I try and be strong and show to people that I won’t take any hassle but there is still a small part of me that is scared, especially now.

The reason I have had to relive all of this is that I have gotten into a situation where I am going to be seeing his brother’s best friend a few times a week. I am not sure whether this friend knows what went on all those years ago but I am terrified of him telling my ex where I am and what I am doing. I have ensured that not many people know where I live and my mobile and house telephone numbers are ex-directory and only very close friends and family know them. This friend has had access to my mobile number all week and I am really hoping that he doesn’t pass it on.

I have done my best to keep my life secret from my ex and I am really hoping that he has set his obssessions onto his wife (he got married a couple of years ago).

The funny part of all of this, is that his brother is now a policeman, I would bet everything I own that they don’t know what a psycho he and his family are.

For now, all I can do is be extra vigilant in my safety and who are around me as although it is nearly 15 years ago since I left him I still don’t trust him. Here’s hoping that he has forgotten all about me!!!


My First KAL

I have finally completed my first KAL (knitalong) on Ravelry. I took part in the “Thrifty Knitters Sock Club June KAL” and chose the Mojo socks.

I completed the socks successfully (well reasonably successful, I made a design alteration and only knitted the ridge section once each time), washed them and am happy with them. They fit great but I don’t think I would knit them again as I am not really keen the stitch pattern.

Mojo Socks

I have also finally completed the camisole knitted in the Debbie Bliss 100% Silk. It is absolutely gorgeous. One thing I would say about this yarn is not to machine wash it as it comes out a bit fluffy and bobbly as if it has been worn an awful lot. I learnt this after I washed the french knickers but had to wash the camisole so that it would match.


I have signed up to 3 other KAL, two of them are part of Goddess Knits and are for a Mystery Anniversary Shawl and a Mystery pair of socks and the third KAL is part of the One Skein Group and is for a needle case.

So far I am half way through the first clue of the shawl and the socks. I am a bit annoyed about the clue for the socks as there was a mistake in the pattern and we were only made aware of it today (the KAL began yesterday) so I had to frog (unravel) the cuff of the sock and re-knit it. I am hoping that there won’t be any other errors in the pattern as I really don’t want to have to start again.

I am quite confident that I will be able to keep up with the KAL’s as the clues come out weekly and so far the clues equate to a small amount of knitting each week.

Wish me luck as I think I will need it with the lace shawl!!!


Sex And The City: The Movie Review

As promised here is a quick review of “Sex and the City: The Movie”.

I was dragged along to see this movie by my little sis and wasn’t quite sure whether I would enjoy it or not having never really watched the series. The most I knew was that Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) was a writer, the notorious “Rabbit” was brought to the spotlight by it and no doubt is the reason it is took off so well, also the “Pearl Thong” was brought to our attention (very uncomfortable to wear and a nuisance having to hand wash it!!). Apart from this I didn’t know much about it, oh I remember that Samantha had Cancer and was in remission from it, that is definitely the limit on my knowledge.

We cued up and bought the popcorn and drink and found a reasonable seat and settled down to watch the film. The film was supposed to start at 8:15pm, but it was more like 9pm on it starting, the adverts and trailers were a nuisance and I was glad when the film finally started.

What can I say, I enjoyed it, it was fun and despite my limited knowledge I managed to follow the film.

The best bits, Carrie getting married, Charlotte falling pregnant (this brought a tear to my eye and really hit home that perhaps I will fall pregnant after all). Samantha and the sushi was hilarious and I could just imagine it happening to me, on the subject of Samantha how I wish I had a hunky neighbour that looked that good that I could spy on.

I don’t want to give too much away but it is definitely a true chick flick (some of the brave men that went with their other halves seemed quite interested in the amount of flesh that Samantha showed). The nudity wasn’t too bad (I only saw one willy and that was a quick flash by the hunky neighbour) but it is definitely only suitable for the over 16’s or possibly even over 18’s.

I would give this film **** stars out of ***** stars, it is a very long film but it didn’t seem it whilst watching it as kept you engrossed in the storylines and the storylines were actually believable.

To prove how much I enjoyed the film my sister has offered for me to borrow and watch her boxsets of the series (she has all of them!!) and I may take her up on it when I am on my two week wait after the IVF.

Girls, grab your female friends (leave the men at home) and go for a girly night out and see this film!!!!

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