Sex And The City: The Movie Review

As promised here is a quick review of “Sex and the City: The Movie”.

I was dragged along to see this movie by my little sis and wasn’t quite sure whether I would enjoy it or not having never really watched the series. The most I knew was that Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) was a writer, the notorious “Rabbit” was brought to the spotlight by it and no doubt is the reason it is took off so well, also the “Pearl Thong” was brought to our attention (very uncomfortable to wear and a nuisance having to hand wash it!!). Apart from this I didn’t know much about it, oh I remember that Samantha had Cancer and was in remission from it, that is definitely the limit on my knowledge.

We cued up and bought the popcorn and drink and found a reasonable seat and settled down to watch the film. The film was supposed to start at 8:15pm, but it was more like 9pm on it starting, the adverts and trailers were a nuisance and I was glad when the film finally started.

What can I say, I enjoyed it, it was fun and despite my limited knowledge I managed to follow the film.

The best bits, Carrie getting married, Charlotte falling pregnant (this brought a tear to my eye and really hit home that perhaps I will fall pregnant after all). Samantha and the sushi was hilarious and I could just imagine it happening to me, on the subject of Samantha how I wish I had a hunky neighbour that looked that good that I could spy on.

I don’t want to give too much away but it is definitely a true chick flick (some of the brave men that went with their other halves seemed quite interested in the amount of flesh that Samantha showed). The nudity wasn’t too bad (I only saw one willy and that was a quick flash by the hunky neighbour) but it is definitely only suitable for the over 16’s or possibly even over 18’s.

I would give this film **** stars out of ***** stars, it is a very long film but it didn’t seem it whilst watching it as kept you engrossed in the storylines and the storylines were actually believable.

To prove how much I enjoyed the film my sister has offered for me to borrow and watch her boxsets of the series (she has all of them!!) and I may take her up on it when I am on my two week wait after the IVF.

Girls, grab your female friends (leave the men at home) and go for a girly night out and see this film!!!!

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