KAL’s Update

The past couple of days I have been busy concentrating on getting the first clue’s completed for the KAL’s I am taking part in.

The first KAL was the “Goddess Knits Anniversary Mystery Shawl KAL” and I chose chart C.

I am quite happy with the results (it took me many hours of unravelling and starting again to get it completed). The only part I am not happy with is where the joins are between the dpn’s (double pointed needles). I am really hoping I will be able to sort it out once the shawl is completed and blocked as I am now onto circular needles.

Mystery Shawl KAL 1

The second KAL is the “Goddess Knits Mystery Sock KAL” and again I completed clue 1. You can’t really see the cable pattern and I have only knitted an inch for the leg as I am unsure what Clue 2 is, so will knit some more on the leg if needs be once I find out what clue 2 is as it told you to knit 1 inch or upto desired length!!

Mystery Sock KAL 1

One of the other KAL’s I joined was the “One Skein KAL” and I successfully completed the needle case and am really pleased with it. On the pattern it stated that you needed 2 50g balls, but it came out under one 50g ball, so I could’ve used one of the many part used balls I had rather than having to open a brand new ball.

Case In Point 1

Case In Point 2

Once I have completed clue 2 of the Goddess Knits KAL’s I will post pictures and will of course let you know how I get on with them!!


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