Good News and Bad News

Oh what a strange couple of days I have had.

Everything was going well until last night and I got home from my knitting group. Hubby met me at the door when I got home and told me my mother had phoned to tell me that her little Yorki had had to go to the vets as he was having trouble breathing. The outcome is that he has an enlarged heart, fluid on his lungs and had nearly gone blind in one eye. I immediately telephoned them to see how he was and I spoke to my little sis as my father was upset. She told me that he was not too good and the vets had given him a multitude of tablets and injections to see if he improved, if he didn’t improve then there was not much that could be done about it. He is 9 years old so is a good age for a little dog.

He is so cute and adorable and loves his little teddies, so I went out this afternoon and bought him a cute little pink teddy with two squeakers in it.

Hubby and I had decided to go and purchase a new printer as our old one was acting up, so we went to PC World and bought one. Just as we were going to pay my mobile rang, it was my sister, she had just got to my parents and Jamie (the cute little yorkie) had disappeared. This was really strange as there was no way of him getting out of the garden. I told her to get my father to have a good luck in the garage in case he had gone in there to die. She was distraught and I was annoyed that they had even let him out in the terrible weather we had had all day, and to make matters worse, her jack russell was also in the garden with him and he always hambugs Jamie.

Just as we were on the way there I had another phone call, my brother had apparently gone there and as Jamie was soaked through (my sister’s jack russell had not let Jamie in the garage all day) had taken him home with him. I was really annoyed that he had not left a note saying that he had taken Jamie home and had put us all through the worry of thinking he had curled up somewhere dry and warm to die.

I was so relieved to see him when I got there that I gave him a big hug and kisses. As you can tell from the pictures below he loved his new toy and he would not leave it alone for one second LOL.

Jamie (1)

Jamie (2)

The good news is that hubby and I are setting off tomorrow )Friday) for Woolfest 2008. I am really excited and have printed off the Programme for the show in preparation and will study it tomorrow evening when we are at the hotel and decide which stalls I definitely have to visit.

My camera is charged and I am all set (apart from the packing as it was really late on us getting home and we have been playing with the printer, it is really good as it is now wireless so no more having to get up and plug the laptop into the printer).

I will of course post all the pictures and let you know how it went when I get back.


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