Woolfest 2008 (Part One)

:zz: After a loooonnng weekend I am finally back home. What a weekend it has been!!!

It took us 4.5 hours to get to Whitehaven which is where our hotel was and we were both worn out, the weather had been dreadful driving down, so we had something to eat and then went to bed for an early night.

Saturday started with some sun and was reasonably warm. After breakfast we set off for our ten minute journey to Woolfest 2008 which was in Cockermouth. We were both dreading the parking and the queues and as we had never been before we weren’t too sure whether it was an outside show or inside show. We were relieved to see that it was definitely all inside.



Once we got our bearings we found the cute animals, the angora rabbits were really adorable and if I had the chance I would definitely get one (just have to convince hubby!!!)


The sheep were also really cute and adorable…




Some more than others :DD



As you can tell, I found my favourite, and he/she was obviously quite imressed with me :yes:



This little beauty had trouble getting the straw out of the rack, so I gave him/her a helping hand B)




The Alpacas were beautiful and so graceful. It was amazing to see how they looked with and without their coats. You would never think they were the same animal and I felt quite sorry for them without their big fluffy fleeces 🙂





We both enjoyed ourselves and I was really pleased I had worn my trainers and comfy clothing.



One of the last things we saw was the Sheep Demonstration and it was really interesting hearing all the facts about the various breeds.



One of the highlights of the show was the toy sheep auction which was for charity. Some of the sheep were really cute and had obviously had a lot of work spent on them. There were even a couple from the USA and a couple of them went for over £50 each. They raised over a £1,000 in total. :p

I will definitely be going back next year…. I have lots of other photos and things to say about my weekend, but have to go to sleep as I am really worn out, :yawn: sooooo I will post a further two parts over the next couple of days, the second part will be about the sights etc and the third day will be the finale of the weekend as I will be posting pics of the lovely rovings etc I bought.

Until then :wave:


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