Birthday’s, Anniversaries and Everything Else

A fortnight ago I celebrated my 34th Birthday (old age is catching up with me quickly U-( ). For my birthday I received from hubby a very special present, he bought me “cherished number” for my car. For security reasons I am not going to say what it is, but I will say it suits me right down to the ground and makes my little car look even better than it was before. The only problem now is that every knows me and spots me driving around so there will be no hiding from now on :))

A few days later I celebrated my 11th Wedding Anniversary and despite being full of flu we went out for a lovely meal to Tre-Yesgawen Hall. I made the most of it and wore my expensive outfit as I doubt I will get many chances to wear it in the near future.

I love going to the Hall for a meal as it is so special and posh and I even manage to eat all the food off of my plate (which makes a change). The food is fabulous and we even ate off of the “fine dining menu”.

Tre-Ysgawen Hall 1

As you can tell I made the most of the meal and had pink champagne which I drank most of as poor hubby had to drive (it was his turn) :DD

Tre-Ysgawen Hall 2

Whilst I popped to the ladies hubby decided to take an arty shot of the flowers in the lounge.

Tre-Ysgawen Hall 3

The cheeky beggar even managed to catch me walking back from the ladies whilst I was tipsy. He even got the lovely bookcase in the shot with me (oh how I would love to have a bookcase like that).

Tre-Ysgawen Hall 4

Tre-Ysgawen Hall 5

At the weekend I managed to get out to play a round of golf (I haven’t played since May :-/ ). It was quite a good round despite my denting/cracking my driver (again 😳 ). I am hoping that it will be covered under the guarantee as I haven’t had the set a year yet.

As it was a lovely weekend weatherwise we dared to have a BBQ on Sunday. My father and sister came up and we had a really good laugh, the only downside was that by the evening I had a terrible headache and felt really lousy (I put it down to being out in the heat too much), so went to bed early.

Monday morning I awoke with a worse headache, so took a couple of my migraine tablets and went back to bed to try and sleep it off, it didn’t work, the week has entailed of my popping various migraine tablets and going back to sleep. By Wednesday evening hubby was quite worried so first thing Thursday morning I telephoned the dr’s and made an appointment, which luckily was an hour later.

I turned up at my surgery with ten minutes to spare until my appointment and sat down trying to shut out the screaming baby. I did not have to wait very long when the locum dr called me. As locum’s go this one was more useless than usual. After interrogating me over all the medications I am on and why the various consultants had prescribed them to me he stated that his gut feeling was that I was not suffering from migraines and it was one of the other many types of headaches. When I asked him which one he thought it was, he said he wasn’t sure. He said he would take my migraine medication off of my repeat prescription as it obviously wasn’t working and would give me some anti-inflammatory tablets to try!!!! What has anti-inflammatories got to do with headaches??? :??:

By the time I left I was not very happy, he had left the situation with the statement “if it isn’t any better in a week come back”, I personally don’t want to suffer with these headaches for another week as I have done absolutely nothing all week and I am fed up of feeling so ill/tired/dizzy. AAAAAARRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH :crazy:

When I got home I read the information leaflet in the box and it stated that the tablets were for “Arthritis, gout and various other types of arthritis’s, oh and back ache!!!” It also stated that taking the tablets would make getting pregnant more difficult. I had told him I was trying for a baby and IVF would be starting at the end of August, so why has he given me these stupid tablets.

I have taken them twice today as instructed and they have not done anything, I still feel really lousy. What is the point of going to see dr’s when you don’t get any answers, I told hubby in no uncertain terms that this is why I never go to the dr’s as I find it a total waste of time.

Now I don’t know what to do, do I make another appointment with a different dr (they all appear to be the same in my surgery), hubby has said I should take the tablets for a week and if I am no better to go back, but I really don’t want to feel like this for another week.

I have tried all sorts of different “over the counter medications” but none of them have worked.

Sorry for venting, but I am so annoyed and it doesn’t exactly help my head feeling like this.

As for now, I am going to go and try to get some sleep, and hopefully I will feel better in the morning. :zz:


Chester Races

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Chester Races (horseracing) for the first time with my little sis.

I had been looking forward to it for a while but as the time got closer I wasn’t feeling so enthusiastic about it (this may have something to do with the looking for an outfit etc).

The part we went to was the posh side which meant dressing up which is something I dread. The week before I managed to get an outfit together and even treated myself to some new make-up.

The day started very early as we were getting the 10 o’clock train as Chester was 2 hours away (approx). I had had my hair curled the night before so didn’t get much sleep as I was worried about looking like a gollywog, but luckily it all worked out.

Here I am with my sis before we left her house.

Chester Races 1

I was very hesitant about the peacock feathers on my head as I have never been one for hats etc (my veil on my wedding day was the only time I had ever had anything on my head apart from baseball caps).

As my hubby works for the railway we were able to cheekily have the perk of sitting in first class, so we managed to hide away from anyone who may know us :DD

Chester Races 2

Chester Races 3

Once we got to Chester we were a bit early to go to the racecourse so headed into the first bar we could find for a drink to settle our nerves.

I had a white wine spritzer so looked quite posh.

Chester Races 4

My little sis on the other hand went for her usual, a bottle of lager :-/

Chester Races 5

We decided to get a taxi to the racecourse as it was some distance to walk in our heels. Whilst we were queuing for a taxi a couple of girls behind us asked whether we wanted to share the cost of the taxi and share it, we agreed.

When we got to the racecourse we were still early, so again headed into the nearest bar.

Chester Races 6

Whilst we were in the bar we bumped into some lads from where we lived so we sat and had a laugh with them and also got a couple of hot tips to bet on.

Chester Races 7

As soon as we got into the racecourse we headed straight for the toilets and then had something to eat. We decided to go for the noodles rather than the pasties. I had the beef noodles and my sister had chicken. I wish I had had her chicken noodles as mine was not very hot and I had a bit of a funny tummy after it.

The first race I betted on I lost (just as well I only put £5 on it). The next one I one and the final race I more than doubled my money, so we bought a bottle of champagne to celebrate with. My sister one a couple of races (but not as much as me :DD )

Chester Races 8

Chester Races 9

Chester Races 10

The champagne went down a treat as it was really hot and tiring. We met some lovely people and I even had a nice compliment. I was told I looked 27, so that really made my day. I was really surprised to have drawn so much attention from the lads, as I felt like an old married woman, so my confidence was boosted a lot.

Chester Races 11

As we left the racecourse we bumped into the lads whom we had met in the bar so had a good chance to have some more friendly banter, I am surprised they did not hide as their “hot tips” were about as hot as my noodles were :))

Chester Races 12

We decided to walk back into the city centre and had a bit of a pub crawl. The first bar we went into a couple of lads started chatting us up. To me they looked very young, but as my sister is single I decided to play along for her.

Chester Races 13

Chester Races 14

The next bar we went into we decided to have some food with the young men we had bumped into. It was just as well as the one that fancied me confessed that they were 17 :crazy: to which I immediately told my sister and we decided to make a quick getaway.

Chester Races 15

Our story to escape was a fake phone call from my hubby asking where we were as he was in a different bar and was waiting for us. This seemed to do the trick, as we scarpered very quickly. U-(

Chester Races 16

The next bar we went into, we again bumped into some lads from where we were from, so we sat with them as there was nowhere else to sit.

Chester Races 17

Chester Races 18

Chester Races 19

Chester Races 20

Chester Races 21

The next few hours were the longest of my life as I still had a funny tummy and had by this time started throwing up as well and was feeling quite unwell.

Chester Races 22

Chester Races 23

Chester Races 24

Our train was not due until around 11 o’clock so it was a miserable few hours as by 9.30pm I had started to get Pancreatitis pains and was getting quite worried.

We decided to head for the train station a bit early as we had to walk and I just wanted to get home.

My little sis didn’t want to leave so early as she was enjoying herself, but I managed to persuade the lad who was getting the same train as us to leave with us, so he escorted us to the train station.

It was just as well we left early as the train was getting quite full by the time we got there and if we had left it a bit later we would have had to stand up all the way home.

It was a long train journey as I spent most of it in the toilet throwing up.

We were so glad to get home as by 1 o’clock my little sis was so tired she fell asleep on the train.

As you can tell she was so tired she even collapsed into the nearest wheelchair in the office where my hubby works whilst I was in the loo.

Chester Races 25

I spent the next few days recovering and wished that we had gotten the earlier train home.

All in all we had a really good time, but I am definitely too old to be partying all day and staying up that late LOL.

My little sis has decided to go back to the races in August, I will definitely be staying home and spinning or knitting all day as I don’t think my little body could cope with it again this year. :.



This is a quick post to let you all know I have updated my Etsy shop and now have handknitted socks up for sale.

They are really luxurious to wear and really warm as well as being machine washable.

I have also updated the shipping so that it includes all over the world.

You can find me at http://www.knitterscarlet.etsy.com or by clicking the pictures at the left of this post.

I have a lot to post about but am really tired as I am full of flu, but promise to post again before the weekend.



Update on Bellocq Stockings

Just a quick update to let you know that I have finally completed the calf shapings from Stitch Diva’s Bellocq Stockings pattern.

If I had a shorter circular needle it would have made things a lot easier but never mind, here is how it came out

Calf Shaping

I still have the shaping to do on the other stocking but am feeling a lot less stressed about it now.

I have also completed July’s KAL on the One Skein KAL Group. I chose the Jamaican Pouch and am really pleased with the outcome and it was a quick knit which really helped as I am so far behind on all the other KAL’s I am part of.

Jamaican Pouch


Woolfest Part Three

Finally here are the pics of the goodies I bought at Woolfest.

Firstly is a picture of my gorgeous handpainted Russian Dolls, they are adorable and are truly a piece of art.

Russian Dolls

These rovings came home with me as I fell in love with them. They were so soft and such lovely colours, I can’t wait until I get a chance to spin them.



Merino/Silk 2

This kid mohair was a spur of the moment buy and I have no idea what to knit it into, I was thinking of a lovely shawl as it is laceweight, what do you think???

Kid Mohair

These last two pictures are of alpaca fleeces, the first is a kilo of fleece and the second is a complete fleece. They are both lovely and soft (and smelly) so will have to wash and card them before I can spin them.


Alpaca Fleece


Goddess Knits Mystery Socks KAL

YAY I have completed the Goddess Knits Mystery Socks KAL.

I did cheat a little bit and cast on the second sock whilst waiting for the clues to come out so completed them on time.

As I was using a thicker yarn they came out too big and too wide. What do you think???

Sock KAL

Sock KAL B

As I didn’t like them and they didn’t fit I decided to felt them to get them to fit better. Here are what they looked like after felting!!


Sock KAL D

I think they look a lot better and they definitely fit a lot better.

As far as the other Goddess Knits KAL I am working on,I have completed Clue 1 but have not gotten any further so Clues 2, 3 and 4 are waiting for me impatiently. I will definitely have to get on with it as the new KAL I have signed up for starts in a fortnight. AAAAARRRGGGGHHHHH!!

On a slightly different note, I have opened an Etsy shop to try and sell some of my handmade items. At the moment I just have my beaded jewellery on it and will be putting up another couple of necklaces over the next couple of days (once I manage to get some decent pictures of them). So pop over there and have a look, you can find me at http://www.knitterscarlet.etsy.com, there are also lots of handmade items of all materials on there and I am really excited about being part of it.

I promise to take pics of what I bought at Woolfest over the next couple of days and will post them for you all to see (including my beloved Russian Dolls).


Woolfest 2008 (Part Two)

Finally here is part two of my Woolfest adventure.

The first couple of pictures are of me in our hotel enjoying a well deserved drink and meal after our long drive (4 1/2 hours) to Cockermouth.





After Woolfest we decided to head down the road to “The Woolclip” Shop in Caldbeck to have a look what they had. Woolclip is actually the shop which helped bring Woolfest to us.

The little village was adorable and I managed to buy some lovely “Russian Dolls” which I was really impressed with the handpainting on them. I will post pics of them in Part Three.





Whilst driving to and from “The Woolclip” we had to go over “The Common”, it was brilliant seeing all the lovely sheep roaming around free and I was so tempted to stop and put one of the little lambs in the boot to bring home and adopt (hubby wasn’t so tempted lol)







On Sunday we decided to head to the Motor Museum and the Country Gardens at Holker Hall in Cartmel and as you can tell the weather was lovely and the gardens were spectacular. You could quite easily be envious of Lord and Lady Cavendish living in the exquisite splendour.




















On the way home we decided to stop off at Windermere and had some lovely chips from a chip shop on the main street and even managed to pick up a small birthday gift for my father’s birthday.



By the time we got home we were both worn out and our dogs were really pleased to see us.

To sum up the weekend, we had loads of fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it and will most definitely be going back next year!!!