Finally Some Knitting News!!!

I have finally completed the Baby Backwards Rib Socks which I was knitting as part of the July KAL for the Thrifty Knitter’s Sock Club.

I was quite pleased with them and think they came out rather well and they even fit perfectly.

Baby Backwards Rib Socks 2

Baby Backwards Rob Socks

I have also found the time and courage to knit clue 2 of the Goddessknits Anniversary Mystery Shawl KAL. I was terrified as the yarn is no fine and you have to really concentrate whilst knitting on it. If you get interrupted you are well and truly snookered.

Goddessknits Mystery Shawl Clue 2

I think I am finally getting used to the lace charts but am still getting the large holes between the start and end of the round.

Goddessknits Mystery Shawl Clue 2b

I am really hoping that when I finally finish and block it that it will sort itself out (keep your fingers crossed for me). As I have had bad migraines all week I have not worked on it, but am hoping to start on clue 3 this week as the Goddessknits Mystery Shawl 9 has started and I haven’t even cast on for that one yet as I want to complete this one first.

Goddessknits Mystery Shawl Clue 2c

I have decided that the problem I was having on not wanting to knit on the Stitchdiva Bellocq thigh high stockings is that the circular needles I was using were too big and I was struggling to knit in the round, so have sent off for some smaller Addi Circular Needles which will hopefully give me the confidence to complete them.

I have been doing some mindless knitting on the “Art of Knitting” Drying Jacket which is plain stockinette stitch. It is really boring, but is about the only thing I can knit on with these migraines.

On Friday I plucked up the courage to cast on for the August Thrifty Knitters Sock KAL which means I am knitting the dreaded Bellatrix socks from Socktopia. I was dreading these socks but now that I have begun them they are going really quickly. I am already at the home straight of knitting the foot as they were started from the cuff down.

Well, that is about it for now, my next post will be about knitting dvd’s which I will hopefully get out mid-week. I hope you have enjoyed reading this post on knitting as I know it has been more of a life in general blog recently due to my ill health, sorrrrrryyyyyyyy!!!


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