Zwartbles and Spinning

Whilst sitting spinning this afternoon I realised I had not posted any pictures of my Kromski Symphony Spinning Wheel which my darling hubby had bought me for Christmas, so here it is.

Kromski Symphony

I just love the little stool which hubby bought to go with it, but I wish it had a back to it as I find spinning for a long time sitting on it hurts my back. :-/

This picture is one my hubby took as he did not think much of my photography 🙄

Kromski Symphony 2

Those of you who have been following my spinning career may remember that my first fleece which I purchased was a smelly, dirty Zwartbles Fleece. It took me forever to wash it and dry it and then even longer to try and hand card it. After hurting my wrists twice I bought the Ashford Drum Carder (best thing I ever bought :DD ). The carding went a lot smoother from then, but it is a shame I could not say the same about the spinning of it.

I found it a lot of hard work trying to spin it as it was not spinning very evenly and I kept losing the end of what I was spinning in the bobbin :**: . I began spinning the fleece shortly after Christmas and I have finally finished it.

From what I remembered the fleece originally weighed around 1.5kilos and out of the whole fleece I have a grand total of 457g of 2ply yarn (a total of 8 skeins).

Zwartbles 2ply handspun

I know this does not sound a lot out of a whole fleece, but please bear in mind there was a lot of sheep sh*t in it and I had to throw away some of the spun yarn as I could not find the end whilst spinning (it kept breaking and winding itself into the bobbin 😥 ).

The yarn was also very sticky (I didn’t seem to have washed out all of the lanolin), so this made finding the end even worse and did not help my spinning finely.

I am so glad the whole fleece is completed and am planning on recovering and then knitting a bag out of the 2ply handspun and felting it so that the thick/thin yarn will look a lot more even 😉

The next lot of fleece I am working on is from a Texel Sheep and I have hand dyed it using Forest Fibers Chemical Dyes. I had loads of fun hand dying it and am pleased to announce that it is spinning up lovely.

Texel Fleece

You can see the lovely shade of coral which I am spinning in the first picture at the top of this post. I intend plying it with a strand of handspun white Texel, so that it will be a marled effect.

I will of course post pictures once I have completed the spinning.

I am sure the Zwartbles fleece would have been lovely to have spun up if I was a bit more experienced or had managed to wash the fleece a bit better and got all of the lanolin out of it, but I guess it is one of those things which we learn from our mistakes.



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