A Talk With My Unborn Child

Whilst looking at the “Fertility Friends” Website which I am a member of I came across this poem and think it is realy lovely and made me cry, so thought I would share it with you. I would like to thank whoever wrote and of course give them full credit for the poem.

These arms of mine are still empty,
It’s been far too many years.
I can hardly keep them hidden,
The heartache and the tears.

I am waiting for you, sweet angel
To bless my life, my heart, my soul.
I think I’ve been a good wife,
Now I want so much a mother’s role.

My life doesn’t seem complete.
You are not there to hold.
I big piece of my life is missing,
Your destiny is yet untold.

I see you in my dreams, baby.
Ten little fingers and toes.
You have your Mommy’s blue eyes,
And your daddy’s ears and nose.

When my eyes are closed I think,
Will your room be pink or blue?
And how much of my life will pass
Before all my dreams come true?

Will I ever know the joy
Of rocking you at night?
Telling bedtime stories
And tucking you in tight?

Will I ever be able to comfort you
When you fall and scrape your knee?
To kiss and make it better
At the tender age of three?

Can I watch you graduate
And drive you to the mall?
Your dad could take you fishing
And teach you to play ball.

Will you make me a grandma
When I am old and gray?
Looking back at my life,
I would be blessed in every way.

So why have I been left behind
When I have so much to give?
I would gladly show you the whole world
If you could only come to live.

Will my turn ever come?
I search my anguished mind.
But questions without answers
Is all I seem to find.

I go home every night
And fight the tightness in my chest.
The silence is so deafening
In my big empty nest.

I guess God has a plan for me
And I shouldn’t have such fear.
But why you can’t be in my life
He hasn’t made quite clear.

I pray for you llittle one.
Everyday, can you hear?
So tell God we are ready
To hold you forever dear.

You would never go without.
We would shower you with love.
My little piece of heaven
Sent from up above.


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